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Subspace Land Review


On the SubspaceLand you can enjoy heavy hard core porn movies with some BDSM elements included. Though the whole setup is based on BDSM, this isn’t actually a site that offers that kind of porn, because as the site claims, it’s emotional BDSM porn, which makes the movies different from the others of this kind. The girls here are mostly pornstars, and they are willingly submitting themselves to the man, who plays the role of their master. The videos are captured in HD, and you can enjoy them online in WebHD resolution, or save in normal HD. The site isn’t an old one it’s only three years old, and it offers a pretty large collection for the eager members. The videos are coming regularly, and there are usually new girls appearing in some of them, and you will appreciate the high quality offered by the site. All movie on the SubspaceLand are exclusive, they were produced in-house and they are published only this site. You can’t expect to find them anywhere else. An extra feature of the site is that they are opened for suggestions, and if you have an idea, you can send it in.

Design & Features

The site has a very nice design. It’s simply good to look at. Fortunately the site offers you a good tour, which grants you some extra options, thus giving you the chance to have the necessary insight on the content. On the top of the page, you can see the menu of the site: these are dropdown menus; you can choose from the videos, the models and the keyword tags. As for trailers, the site offers you the option to watch a short, 1 minute trailer for the latest scenes. Well, nothing changes after you log in, because the members’ zone has the same design and layout. The videos are listed in the same manner as on the tour page, which means that you will get large thumbnails, which also serve as links to the video. The online watching option is pretty exciting. It may only offer you the WebHD resolution, it still looks very good and the player isn’t eating the memory, it gives you a smooth playback experience. The stream is in MP4 format, and this format is available for downloads too, so you can get the same quality. Don’t despair though, the scenes are captured in actual HD, and you get that quality, because among the download options, you will find that resolution offered in WMV and MOV files. All video has a gallery of video captions that you can find on the videos’ page. There are no photos available. The site doesn’t have a mobile interface, so you can’t really access it from smart phones, though on a larger screen (tablets, bigger phones) it looks good, and the site is usable.

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Girls & Videos

All models of the SubspaceLand are professionals, so you can expect to get here some amazingly hot girls, and in fact, the thing they perform is also very good. These girls are varied in their level of experience, though it’s quite sure that they know how to perform in heavy hardcore porn. You will see that the chicks here are going through some nasty sex but no matter how nasty are the things they are going through, they always try to perform to their limits, and this makes them so irresistible. If you look through the models’ database, you will notice that most of the girls are Caucasians, there are hardly any ethnicities present, and it seems that there are no Blacks or Asians, thought it will probably change in the futures. This lack of ethnic variety is probably because the site seems to work mostly with European girls, and there aren’t much Blacks or Asians doing porn. A good example of the pornstars of the videos is Aleska Diamond, an amazingly hot Hungarian girl with tempting perky tits, and gorgeous, tight body. The other women are just as hot as she is, but while she is a blonde, there are also brunettes, redheads and black-haired girls too. The videos of the SubspaceLand are all scripted and staged. Basically they are fantasy porn videos, mixed with BDSM elements. What takes place in these movies is real hardcore, and in fact, the girls are going through some hard times, but not too hard. These videos are featuring the girls getting used by their master, who spanks them, does other hurting things with them and naturally he fucks them in their face, pussy and ass. Usually the girls are unable to move, and when the scene takes place in a dungeon, there are various methods to make the girls stay where they need to be, like stretchers and crosses. Though the site a BDSM fantasy porn site, the movies are not too dirty, in fact they are enjoyable for all hardcore porn fans, and even those who get the creeping feeling on their spines when they hear about BDSM would like it. The sex is a bit rough, though the safest bet to say that it’s not really rough, because the girls are participating in it and not just simply submitting. So, it’s a bit lighter BDSM porn, no big problem. Right now, the site offers more than 200 scenes, each of the goes on for more than 20 minutes.


The site claims to be different from other BDSM porn sites, since it says that the videos here are more emotional, which makes the difference from the others. Well, being emotional is one thing and the site fulfills this promise, though the videos are basically not that hard, and though it’s really emotional, the real mess and dirt of the BDSM porn is missing from here. This doesn’t take away anything from the site’s value, though it makes more of a hardcore fantasy porn site with a bit of BDSM play, rather than a real BDSM site. The quality of the videos is superb though, so if you really like hardcore porn in a bit darker manners, then the site is a good choice.