TeenEmery Review

In Few Words

I have seen a tremendous amount of porn lately, and I have yet to find a site that is even close to the cuteness and seductiveness that you can find on TeenEmery. With Emery taking the lead role, on her own site, she does the kinkiest things that a girl barely of age can do, and even more. A lot of surprises await you inside, so be sure to check it out, as you will certainly not be disappointed, quite the opposite.

Site Design

The first thing that you will notice when you get to the home page, are the various pictures of Emery, in different poses, doing different things. The rest of the design, with a pink background, and many shades of green and yellow, to make it look girly, which the addition of the flowers really help, is quite easy on the eyes, and even more, intuitive to use. The menu buttons will help you get to every page that you want to, and the previews will show you parts of the content, Emery and her very sexy body.

Though, the best of the content is reserved for the members, only, you can also get a lot more to see, with the added perks. Some of the mentioned perks are the usage of the sorting options and the search bar, to get around the site quickly. But, what is the best thing about it, technicality-wise, is that you can open and load videos, without any lag. Yes, that also applies for the mobile versions of the site, and I have seen many a video and photo, without having a single hiccup. Good optimization just enhances the pleasure.

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Videos & Chicks

But, the pleasure is derived from only one person, once you look past the technicalities, which are indeed great, and that person is Emery. She is an incredibly cute girl, with an innocent looking face, brown pigtails and hazel eyes. She loves cooking and gymnastics, and posing for the camera, naked, while playing with a dildo. Mentioning gymnastics, I cannot overlook the effect that has had on her body, as she just looks amazing. Many an orgasm have people had just by having Emery in their thoughts, and then, imagine what you could experience by watching her.

Sure, she can taunt and play while undressing and looking like she is very innocent, but, once she starts touching herself, her boobs, hard nipples and that wet pussy, you can really get aroused, in mere seconds, up to the point where an orgasm is just there, waiting for that single touch. With a dildo in hand, she can make herself explode even faster, especially while having phone sex with a member of the site. With the high quality of both the videos and the photos, all of the shots have great detail, and that is something you have to praise.

With regular updates, too, you get to see fresh content in no time at all, content which you can download. And not just that, you can also download the content, to make that collection bigger. What is more, with bonus sites, 5 or more of them, with different niches, there is a lot to explore, and many more things to love.

Long Story Short

You get a lot of content by joining Emery’s club at TeenEmery. Not just one site, but 5 or more of them to explore, boasting with content different from that sweet girl, barely of age, that can seduce any person with her innocent looking face and her yummy, wet pussy. Go there now and check it out, as you will certainly be satisfied.


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