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Life truly begins at forty, The Granny Sex is a website that is different in the context of porn in its entirety. Just as the name implies, they feature grannies as they have sex with a fresher man. The site features women from 40 – 70+ years of age, and there are several pictures and videos of these older ladies getting it in. It is a fun place to be as many of these ladies look like they are getting an item crossed out of their bucket list of things to do before they kick the bucket.

The beautiful part is the website is really nice and features really lovely designs and a nice and easy user-friendly website that is easy for the elderly and senior citizens to use as they lust for one more last adventure before the great oblivion or whatever we get to find after earth. The website is pretty serious as the contents of it are well laid out, and the web design and arrangement is well thought-out, so it is definitely not a place for amateur content. The content which was put together by a dedicated team of professionals; whom put together a lovely piece of work to capture these beautiful women as they have crazy fun. They are all captured having a good time, kissing the fresh lads, giving blowjobs, receiving head and getting stuffed by these fresh studs’, which might one of their lasts.

The site features high-quality materials; the picture and video quality are of the highest resolution which displays the intricate details of the sexual fun going on. There are no unnecessary pop-up ads on the site and the content is strictly HD, which offers crisp and clear imagines. Members of the site have unrestricted access to download and watch countless videos of full-length, multiple formats, and mobile friendly. They also get access to download photo of different sessions and get regular daily updates of content frequently on the website. With an optimal streaming speed, you can enjoy fast and clear images of content on the website. Users will experience a simple and friendly user interface as well as safe and secure payment process which comes at no additional cost.

Although there are no live cam shows where users can get tailored services via the web camera; you can access several other sites that offer similar content as The Granny Sex, which to witness regular updates of content on their website. The site has not been recognized with an award for its accomplishments in the field of porn; however, I see this changing with time.

Site Design

The user interface of the website is very friendly and easy to use by all the users, the site can be accessed from all the different mobile devices and browsers available today. The framework of the site is very simple and allows for easy navigation across all the different pages of the website.

The layout of the site is very clear, simple and easy to use for her members. Items on the site are very clear and easy to understand, and getting to the payment and other financial aspects of the site, it offers a secure and safe platform free from fraudsters and hackers. The user interface supports the basic requirement from the website and it is a job web done by the team that constructed this technical part of The Granny Sex. The design of the website is not flashy and repellant; rather it features an array of calm colours such as light brown, a maroonish colour amongst white and other basic colours. The font style and size are wonderfully utilized and the arrangement of the different content of the site was excellently executed. The header of the site is really good and the copy written content on the site is well thought-out and is really creative, and it describes in detail most of the activities on the website.

Downloadable videos on the website are reserved for members only; however visitors can access the promotional videos that are obtainable on the website, these offer some view of action between grannies and their fresh toy boys. The streaming speed is very fast and the site has a broad array of pictures for her users to enjoy. The site doesn’t have and advanced search option, but the content on the site is well arranged as most of the deliverables on the site can be accessed at a simple glance. With just a few pages from the landing page, you can virtually see through the website.

The site has an optimized mobile version, which is highly responsive when you access the site from tablets and mobile devices. The Granny Sex is a highly responsive website that features the very best in most of the content they deliver to their members. The site is part of a highly specialized niche that offers adult and mature content that features ladies between the ages of 40 – 70+. This is highly specific because their target audience is the elderly citizens in the probable last decades of their stay here on earth. There are other competitors in the granny porn industry and they include oldertube,, grannyfucks and they all offer the same kind of content with a little individual twist in a bid for individual site stand out. But The Granny Sex to me is the best amongst her competitors.

Videos & Chicks

I am not sure if the ladies in these videos are pornstars, although a number of them showed a flare for being professional porn stars, however, a number of them were sloppy; this may be due to age or inexperience in front of the camera. Whichever the situation is, they are not all pornstar material 100%. So, some of them seem sloppy maybe due to age and maybe they are tensed in front of the camera, however they cannot be dubbed amateurs as they must have had a lifetime of several sexual encounters.

The ladies, one of them being Alejandra, born in 1960, surprising still has a firm body and is seen with a dildo; further access to see her videos were halted by the membership checker. A number of the ladies looked at ease and seem to be having a good time with their fresh hunks, in the vast amount of videos on the site. The videos which couldn’t be accessed because of membership restraint.

Long Story Short

The site is a lovely and intuitive piece of work, targeted probably for the elderly and other interested demographics, and it is a job well done. The site has been closed, check Milf Bundle for more granny porn.


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