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Third World Shemales Review

In Few Words

Shemale porn sites are now the new fad as more people are becoming open about things that they prefer. I, for one, never knew about the beauty of it until I was faced with more options. In my defense, a straight guy like me would not know of this world unless someone told me about it or I came across it accidentally. I am the former and thank god my friend introduced something so wonderful and unique to me. I am an open-minded person and I love to check out new things now and then, and boy am I glad that I came across a few really good shemale porn sites that will guarantee a comeback and a recurring membership from many people out there.

With the growth of this particular genre in porn, there are more companies establishing really great ones and I must say that some have already exceeded my expectations. Take for example, ThirdWorldShemales. ThirdWorldShemales is in no way third world because of the great content and beauties they offer the members but we will let the name slide and it probably means something else anyway. The point is, it is far from being third world and it exudes greatness when it comes to porn content. The site was launched on August 2011 and ever since then, they have grown and they have added so many things in here that will make your journey way more exciting. The site is being managed by Grooby Bucks and this particular company is known for their many great transsexual porn.

Site Design

ThirdWorldShemales has been around since 2011 and the site has grown quite well, if I must say so. They have revamped it, fixed a lot of things, and now they have added several new features to make everything else good. Of course, being a pay site, you would need to register as a member and pay the monthly fee, or you could always choose a payment plan when you sign up as a member. If that is out of the way, then you are most likely free to do whatever you want.

You can access all the videos, all the photos, and all the great features the site has to offer. Once inside, you will notice how simple the site is and how easy it is to understand the navigation system. There are no headache inducing roller coasters in here and there certainly is nothing that will make you confused. Every single thing here was made to be straightforward before anything else. You will notice the straightforwardness and the simplicity in both site design and the site’s navigation.

Aside from the aforementioned features, the site’s user interface is just as accessible, and frankly very easy to use; it is very user-friendly in all accounts. The site layout and arrangement are by far very orderly, very neat, and it is not crowded at all. Since the site’s launch in 2011, Grooby Bucks made sure that the site could cater to the needs and wants of the members and I can say that they have held their side of the bargain. Besides the many things you can do here, tons of content are made available to all members.

Right now, there are almost 400 photo sets in here and all can be downloaded via zip files. Each gallery has 80 to 100 individual photos inside that are all in hi-res. Besides that, you can see that all photos are taken professionally, edited and airbrushed, and choreographed amazingly. You can also save them individually, if you wish to do so. In ThirdWorldShemales, you will not be able to find a direct list of all the movies and scenes, instead, you will be taken to a model index where you can browse each model and their profiles, and access all their corresponding videos from there. I say this is a great way to arranging the scenes and making it easy to find. You pick a gorgeous shemale and from her profile you can browse all the videos she is starring in.

There are no filter options but with the feature I just explained, you really won’t need it direly. The main page is filled with information and photos of the newly added videos. You can rate and comment on each of them, as well as check out the dates as to when they were added. Aside from the high content count, you still get free bonus sites along with your membership in ThirdWorldShemales. Since Grooby Bucks has tons of shemale porn sites under its wing, get ready to check these out for free.

Videos & Chicks

ThirdWorldShemales is chock full of beautiful and hot shemales. These TGirls hail from different parts of the world, mostly in Asia and South America. I do not get why the site refers to them as third world as they far from being so. They exude elegance and sultriness. Most of all, they know how to make a scene hardcore and delicious in any person’s point of view. The scenes may vary and a lot of fetishes are being covered here – not all, but a lot.

As we speak, the video count is nearing 400 and the updates are happening frequently now. That was not the case before but the site has changed its pattern and is now responsible for having two to three weekly updates. The collection here is exclusive so you will not be finding any of the content here anywhere else. You may download the scenes in MP4 or Windows format, or you can stream them in your browser with an embedded Flash player (make sure it is updated). Majority of the videos here are high definition, having a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution or a 1280 x 720 one. Either way, you get great quality and good quantity. 

Long Story Short

I recommend this to anyone who is into shemale loving. Also, if you want something unique, I suggest checking this one out. If you are already into shemale porn but want something of really good quality, I would recommend this site profusely. Do not miss this one out, friends.

The site has been deleted, check for more shemale porn videos on Dream Tranny.

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