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Twinks In Shorts Review

In Few Words

There was a time when ‘twinks’ was a word that was unheard of. Gay sex was not something that adult entertainment raved about. However, all hope was not lost, slowly but surely; the impending appetite for the best of gay sex was able to consume everyone. Through the provision of eye-catching entertainment, twinks were able to revitalize porn movies. The best thing about twinks is that they do not focus only on pleasing their fellow twinks, instead, most of the sites diversify by offering different types of sexual pleasures. In case you are having a hard time deciding on which twink site to go for, Twinks In Shorts is undoubtedly one of the best. On the site, you will be able to find whatever turns you on. To add on this, you will always run into your favorite twinks of all time. This comes as a relief as many outstanding twinks are often hard to track down. For quite a long period of time, the site has had a steady flow of action and updates.

You will fall in love with what it has to offer at first sight. I’m not sure why the site is titled Twinks In Shorts when most of her guys are full-on nude but whatever the reason, we are not complaining. Brought to you by Mania Media LLC, this website does not put limitations on all kinds of profanity. As we have already established that you will catch a glimpse at some of your favorites, there are a lot of new faces too. If you are picky on your best aspects of entertainment, you probably need an open mind to enjoy Twinks In Shorts. If there is one thing that you can always count on with Mania Media, it is the provision of the most exclusive movies. Do not look any further if your main intention is enjoying porn to the fullest. The site lives up to its promises of focusing on sexy stud’s lives up to its promises of focusing on sexy studs many extra features and a bonus site. This reality well laid out is what the world has been missing.

Site Design

Twinks In Shorts is the first adult site of a unique kind that I have the pleasure of experiencing. And when I say unique, I mean boldly laid out texts and images that leave plenty to the imagination. After you log in it is completely acceptable to first go for the movies. There are a couple of links at the top of the page that will lead you to the movie that you desire. Rather than focusing on bonus content, the site clearly puts its best movies on the front and center. Exploring in detail is very easy especially because members can sort the content in rate, upload date and name. The models are also not out of limits. There is a model index that will give you information about your choice of a twinkie. After all, you have got to know them to love them.

The movies are systematically uploaded, each a date and the models names. You can clearly see that every week has a new upload, the latest one being made on the first day of March 2016. Thus, Twinks In Shorts is a brilliantly reliable site, as far as keeping the entertainment coming. For some reason, the font used on the site seems to be a few sizes larger in order to be visually appealing. Clarity is not an issue and is backed up by a variety of download options. There are also clear buttons that can enhance what you are enjoying on screen. Generally, Twinks In Shorts make for great sets of viewing content, interactive features and multiple options for whatever you want to explore.

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Videos & Guys

The models on set are great looking twinkies. There is none that isn’t handsome enough to appeal to your sexuality, even if you are not gay. From the preview movies that are displayed across the pages, you will get a good dose of dark haired hotties blondes and even a shaved down variety. It’s not hard to tell that many of the models are highly skilled. Due to the fact that twinkies often appear in a multitude of gay sites, you have probably spotted them on more than one arena. The models are well-built and athletic. Seemingly, these ones often go for the slender guys who are on a lesser physical level. The fair share of sick packs is certainly blinding. I was personally not a fan of gay sexy but there is something about these twinkies that knocked me off my feet. As expected, most of the action is bareback. Even so, anal sex is not all that should be looked forward to. There is a good amount of gentle stroking, cock sucking and cocks that are in between the leg.

The location shoots often range from the locker room, the gym to the household. If you are into tattoos, you will find the best bold designs here. Even though ink makes a man look tough, they still get fucked from time to time with utter submission. This is an exciting aspect of entertainment. The model roster is made up of Will Simon, Tommy Hunter, Paul Fresh and many others. There is also plentiful of anal sex toys that are included in the scenes. With the most outrageous fucking styles, there isn’t a dull moment here. The solo scenes are equally exciting as full on sexual lotions because the model ensures they bring out their lotions to play. Twinks In Shorts is all about good fun, games and entertainment.

Long Story Short

Twinks In Shorts is a steadily growing site that will give you the best of the porn world. There is no reason to second guess your membership. If you do not want to spend too much time downloading movies, the reliable streaming capability will ensure that you get started on your exploration immediately. Twinks In Shorts is worth it in every way.


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