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The first glance at Twistys

Twistys, a huge porn site that was launched back in 2001, has been rapidly growing in the past few years. They have gathered the most promising professionals to work in front of the camera and behind the camera to create a site that is as versatile as possible. The magic of Twistys still isn’t in the quality of the videos, which of course is great, but the secret to their place in the market comes from the amount of porn that they have in their site. The numbers are staggering and they easily beat the majority of porn sites on the internet. Quality of the photos and videos are obviously top notch, ensuring that your experience with Twistys will be as pleasant as possible. And the best part is that they update the sites inside their network daily – whether it is new photos, galleries or scenes, there is something new coming every day.

Twistys network preview

What it looks inside the member’s area

Twistys really does have the right to brag with their numbers, since they are unbelievable. In the past fourteen years they have gathered over 45000 videos featuring a stunning amount of different aged, sized and looking women. From lust filled black women that are wet just for your entertainment, to the unimaginably great looking mature women with tits that come in every shape, form and size that you want to see. They are prepared to entertain anyone and everyone that visits their site. And there are a lot of visitors that enter their site – Twistys has nearly 250,000 daily unique visitors that are spread among the eight different sites that are inside the network. There are sites like Blue Fantasies, featuring the best looking women found in the whole network, Busty Ones, which features the biggest breasts and most experienced women, and Euro Foxes, which consists of the best looking European women from the biggest, dirtiest cities in Europe. Twistys truly provides a sense of glamour with their sites, which can be seen easily. The fact that they have the wittiest, most promising women in the whole industry is something that Twistys can be proud of.

Twistys is also known for having a majestic collection of pictures in their website – there are more than one and half million pictures of women! There is softcore and hardcore porn with hundreds of different models featuring in them. The videos and the pictures in the site feature over 3000 models that are working under the site. All of the videos and pictures on the site can be viewed in HQ. The videos and pictures can all be found in 1080p quality.

Twistys’ also provides its members lots of other fun things in their site. One of them includes Twistys live shows that they have playing exclusively for people who have paid memberships. These live shows can be seen straight from the website and they feature the top models on the site. Twistys also has three different options to view the videos. You can either view them online with a Flash player or you can download them in MP4/WMV form. Every scene and movie can be downloaded without any limitations to the amount you can download in a day.

Membership plans and pricing

There are four available payment options. If you are not really ready to pay for the full membership, you have the option for a two day trial. During this two day trial, you have unlimited access to the whole site. You are able to view all the live shows, download and stream content and take a tour through all the eight sites inside the network. After the two day trial, you can choose to stick as a member and they will rebill you the monthly price. The 1 month membership plan costs only €29.99. This plan is the most expensive one, since the monthly price is much cheaper on the other plans.

The two remaining payment plans are the 3 month membership plan and the 12 month membership plan. With the 3 month membership plan, you are paying a onetime payment of €59.95 to get the full access to the site for the three following months after the payment has been done. This means that the monthly price drops to only €19.98 per month, which is nearly 30% cheaper than the 1 month membership plan. The 12 month membership plan is the cheapest. You are paying merely €9.99 for one month of membership, which means that the onetime payment is €119.88. This plan is the cheapest, since the amount that you are paying for one site per month is only a mere one euro. Twistys is known for being a rather cheap site, with lots of seasonal discounts being handed out.

Summary of Twistys

Twistys is a very promising site that has not gathered its members by accident. It has really proven that it is worth its value by adding content in a daily basis. It has eight sites inside the network that feature the dirtiest, most satisfying porn that you can find in the web. Twistys also has nearly 18000 galleries with an approximate of over 100 photos in one gallery. With one of the most comprehensive content amongst the porn networks, Twistys really brings a lot to the table. They also aren’t very expensive considering all that they provide against the membership price. Twistys has a lot of pros, without really having any big cons. Twistys has truly deserved its place as one of the leading paid porn sites!



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