Wankz Review

In Few Words

The guys at the PimpRoll are rolling again, and their newest site, the WankZ will certainly make you believe the gods of porn. This website is a new flagship on the ocean of online porn, offering you regular (HD and Full-HD) porn scenes, while the main goal remains an exciting one: to grant the members a growing collection of juicy hardcore porn in 4K resolution. Well, okay, you might think that 4K isn’t so big and revolutionary anymore, but let us tell you: in porn it’s amazingly hot, and until they don’t come up with higher resolution, we will say 4K is the best. Ever.

So, back to the WankZ. On this site, you can find a growing compilation of porn, which started out with a strong base, and has been kept updated in the past year. Actually, the WankZ has been around since last year, so it’s not an oldie, yet it has a truly amazing selection. On itself the site is a gateway to the whole collection of this company, which means over2,500 hardcore videos coming from exclusive sources, and you can expect this number increase with about 15-20 every month. They have started add 4K scenes too, so the claims of extraordinary quality isn’t a lie. What makes the WankZ much more exciting is the overall collection you get. According to our counts, the videos are coming from 58 network sites, (the WankZ is the main hub), and though most of them are no longer updating, the hottest series are continuous. Apart from the company content, you gain access to two other bonus-network, the Lethal Pass Network and scenes from the Adult DVD Spot. These are not 100% exclusive, yet they are truly exciting and fun to watch. You should rest assured, you are going to get the usual extras too, such as live cam show access, personals, and promotional discounts to other porn networks and sites. We have to say, the exclusive, in-house made porn videos of the company are amazing, and they worth watching.

Site Design

Well, the tour page isn’t extraordinary: it’s a simple tube-like list of the hottest and recent videos. The time you spend on the WankZ as a visitor is worthwhile, and provides enough information to keep you interested for a while, as you can watch several preview clips too. This grants you just enough information on the content to want to get in and start playing those videos. The menu on the top works, so you could explore several other areas of the whole. Inside, a simple, somewhat limited website welcomes you, which offers only basic options for navigation. To find hot stuff to watch, you have to use the main menu on the top, which has the same options as on the tour page, except for the live sex and store buttons. On the very top of the page, you can select the network you wish to browse. The search engine is quite basic, but you can pick categories or sites from the menu too.

Given the fact that the videos mostly come from several network sites, you should expect to find different qualities. The oldest videos are either in 720p, or they go as low as 480p, but it’s rare, and highly depends on the scene’s age. Nowadays most of the still updating sites of the company are running on 1080p flicks, while the WankZ itself receives regular updates of 4K videos. Basically only one supported file format is present here, and that’s the good ol’ MP4. You can download the files without limitations, and there are streaming options too. If you are an uncompromising man, you have to stick to the download, as the stream doesn’t offer that good resolution. Also, as an additional factor that adds to the variety and inconsistency of the quality is the fact that you get two other networks to browse. There are different age sites, so don’t be surprised to see many simple-definition videos. If you had enough of the videos, you should take your time and explore the photo galleries. Most of these sets contain HQ stills, and an average of 150-200 of them. You can download each set as a zip file, which makes a comfortable self-set slideshow to be started for your convenience.

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Videos & Chicks

The site offers you professional porn videos, which also means that all hotties here are professional fuck-masters. They are taking on cocks like they were born to do so, and they are eating pussy like crazy. These girls are exactly what you expect from a porn site: you can enjoy here watching hot fresh cunts, while older, over 30 ladies are making the world round and serve themselves with some hard cock. The guys are varied, though you will usually see their cocks, which are quite big.

Every scene on the Wankz is made with care, and you can feel that they are professionally created. We loved the regular porn scenes pretty much, however what really stole our hearts are the parodies. Porn parodies are always fun to watch, and the ones these guys produce are really sexy… and they will make you laugh. Under the TV section in the members’ zone, you can find the list of parodies, which feature TV series like Whorage Wars and movie porn parodies like the Assvengers. They don’t tell you much story, and the costume are sometimes a bit cheap, but the sex is quite great in them. 

Long Story Short

With 4K videos coming in regularly the site seems to keep its promises, and this makes us feel much better when we browse this portal. In case you are looking for exclusive porn, and you don’t mind if there are more than 5,000 extra scenes to watch, then the WankZ is the perfect match. If you have VR gear, you might like to check the VR site of the WankZ too.