YoungThroats Review

In Few Words

Is there anything more delicious in life than having a beautiful blond girl looking at you right in the eye while she sucks your cock as if there was no tomorrow? Let me tell you something, there is nothing like it. This is what is on offer at YoungThroats, a journey through a paradise of girls ready to do some of the most hardcore blowjobs you have ever seen.

Site Design

YoungThroats is the perfect example of how an attractive and simple web design can change both user experience and satisfaction immensely. The site uses a very simple column layout that allows content to be displayed in a very professional and organized manner. There is not busy work in here, and all spaces are used effectively. Graphics are modern and elegant, the interface overall is a great achievement, pleasant to the eye and easy to use. The designers have chosen a very nice color pallet for the site, infusing a sense of fun and easiness to it.

The number of menus is limited. This is very good because unlike other sites that blast you with an uncountable number of buttons, menus and subsites, YoungThroats keeps it simple and efficient. The interface is also easy to use on mobile devices. All content can be accessed in the same easy manner on your mobile phone. It does not matter which brand of device you use, all are compatible. It is the best way to enjoy the available content for those who are always on the go.

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Videos & Chicks

The girls are, of course, the main reason to join the site. All of them beautiful, all of them ready to suck your cock all day if it is necessary. All of the girls are professional performers and it is noticeable in every scene, they play their scenes with passion and love, so do not let yourself be fooled by their innocent looking faces, they are not.

You will be able to enjoy these fantastic performances in great quality. All videos come in Full HD 1080p image resolution. That is one of the best image quality available on the market, and of course, it is the best way to watch these videos. All videos also come in a variety of formats from MP4 to WMP so you can choose the best one that suits your media devices; there is really no excuse not to enjoy the content that is provided.

All videos have an average running time of 30 minutes. That is a lot more than other sites offer. Besides that you will be able to access a very complete image gallery with thousands of pictures in HD. So, there you go. If you decide to join the site, you will be able to access hundreds of HD quality videos and thousands of HQ images. That is a lot of content for your money.

Membership plans are varied. You can sign up for the one-day trial and then upgrade to either a monthly or 3 months membership plan, which is a lot cheaper and totally worth it. As a bonus, you will also receive access to 47 other sites full of quality content! There is really not a better deal out there.

Long Story Short

For all of you hardcore blowjob lovers out there, YoungThroats is the site for you. It is full of amazing quality content, HD videos and a massive gallery of HQ images. What’s more? You will have access to 47 other sites and all of this could be yours for a very affordable membership. Do not think twice and join now!



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