Zenra Review


Zenra is a porn site that is dedicated to offering high quality Chinese and Japanese adult movie content. It has subtitles and descriptions that are intended for an English speaking audience.

Design and Features

Zenra provides a number of ways to get to different parts of the site. The top menu has a drop down list giving you options to click links that take you to a number of different sections. The sections are more much extensive. Unlike most porn sites, you can easily find blogs, FAQs, Support and Terms of Services. The FAQ section is quite extensive and answers most of the basic questions. All queries regarding usage, distribution and even the use of cookies can be found here and the answers are quite elaborate. The FAQ section is easily accessible, even to first time visitors of the site.

The news section is an area where you can get to watch interviews with the stars and read the latest blogs. If you want to know the models outside the porn movies, then this is the section for you. In the news section, you can also get regular updates of the latest movies. The site has updates of its list of movies at least twice a week.

You can download or watch up to 10 GB movies a day. However, if you have been a member of the site for more than 3 consecutive months, you stand to gain more privileges as a VIP at no additional costs. For VIP members, there is no limit to non exclusive movies and they can download as much as they want as long as they are members.

Girls and Videos

There is a large number of models on this site, who are all authentically East Asian. In most of the sites that feature similar movies, the models are slim with perky breasts. This is just a stereotypical portrayal of Asian, but in reality there are Asian women of different body types.

Zenra does have a large number of this type of models. However, this is one site where you can find all the different types of Asian models, from big breasted and plus size, to tall beautiful models. The best way to do find these models is to use the search function on the top right corner.

The Tekoki section is one of the niche sections that is proof of the extensive nature of the content on the site. Tekoki focuses on CFNM (clothed female, naked male) and Femdom. On Tekoki, you can find the amateur model as well as top Japanese and Chinese models in movies relating to CFNM and Femdom. The content here is a mix of exclusive and non exclusive. Tekoki is not just a category; there are many types of fetishes you will find in this section. Every movie has a story about it that features some of the odd Japanese porn fetishes. A CMNF (clothed Male, naked Female) video may also feature a lot of femdom. There are also movies with models dressed as student girls performing hand jobs to semi clothed males on set.


Zenra ought to be highly rated as one of the top and authentic Asian porn sites.The main purpose of the site is to make East Asian content easy to consume for English speakers. It is also worth noting that the site has a lot of movies that are not repetitive or monotonous.