Alison Tyler

Alison Tyler Review

In Few Words

“A trollop with a laptop” is what she calls herself. And a trollop she most definitely is judging by her stories. Alison Tyler is an incredibly prolific writer and blogger, specializing herself in the fine art of erotica. Alison breaks it down to the nitty gritty when it comes to strapped, S&M, spanking and other kinky eroticisms. And she knows what she’s talking about. This wench is all about vinyl dresses, mouth-gags, steel pins and leather whips. If E. L. James has drawn any inspiration from other writers for his ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ it’s from Alison Tyler. This dream of a girl writes erotic fiction with such ferocious intellect and profound eye for detail you would think she was drawing every single line from her real life experiences. And the reality of it all isn’t that far off. Not only does Alison Tyler publish books and short story anthologies through her own little publishing agency, she has also delved into semi-autobiographical blogs. A former challenge of one story every day for a month about a past BDSM-relationship she’s had, turned into a 16 month project with an incredible amount of detail from her own personal life. Of course, you should take her word for it. But what a well imbued, intelligently written and downright fantastic word that is. For Alison Tyler sexuality is much more than just the old in and out, or the pounding of the pussy. She understands what it is that makes a human mind lose control because of minuscule detail and refined subtleties.

Site Design

Immediately the lay out and design of this funny little website takes me back in time when the internet was a place where shady stuff that can’t stand the light of day happened. You wouldn’t want to get caught peeping one of these in your vernal days. It’s got that Matrix kind of simple but effective feel to it. Elegant but dangerous, just like Allison’s stories. There’s absolutely no clutter that will distract you from any of the available content. There’s a cool colored set of pictures of Alison herself run over the top of the site, of which she has probably dragged the contrast slider all the way to the right. It adds to the subtle but mysterious black background and the simple statement that won’t allow below the restricted age. Once you’re in the design is a paragon of devotion to the art of simplicity. The home landing page shows you everything that’s important: Her two latest titles, some quotes about her and those dazzling but mysterious eyes of hers peeking up from behind a pair of sunglasses. Her Bio page reveals a little bit more of her face in an equally mysterious picture of herself in a bathroom mirror. The pink hue and vagueness makes it very intriguing to fantasize what she’s really like. The Books landing page shows an array of titles in different categories all neatly ordered by type. The links take you to the Amazon page for the specific book. The Blog landing page speaks for itself, it’s where her autobiographical work gets posted on her Blogspot page. And the Buzz landing page showcases an array of articles written about her in Penthouse and Publisher’s Weekly among others.

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Videos & Chicks

After reading through some of her blog posts and short stories she has available for free you can already see and feel the amazing panache with which this vernal woman writes her erotic literature. The whole of her output speak of a vernal woman on a quest to find her inner submissive sex slave. But what makes a good sex story real is what comes before and after the actual deed. And this is where Alison Tyler excels. She conjures up these amazingly subtle tales of kinky gratification that won’t leave you wondering why exactly these words were put to paper, like with most of erotic smut. This here is smut taken to a whole new leven, where even the slightest detail can arouse you in the most surprising way. Whether she’s telling the story of a vernal chicky girl getting the living flux smacked out of her tight ass, or it’s a tale of pure, unadulterated love with a penchant towards the more kinky stuff, Alison always manages to strike a chord with readers that few auteurs in the genre know how. It’s probably because she writes from her own experiences, and has the work mentality of a blind horse. There’s a reason why Alison’s creed is ‘You can doze off when you’re dead!’. Either she’s writing, or she’s fucking. But you will never catch her slacking.

Long Story Short

After going through some of the reviews, blogposts and free stuff she has posted online over the years, my attention was triggered and I actually decided to head over to Amazon and buy one of her short story anthologies and see if it would actually do me as much good as the other stuff. Oh boy, was I wrong. This stuff was of a whole other level of beauty. The sheer absorbency of the words she puts down (apparently in record pace, she writes about 10000 words a day) is so enthralling, there’s not much else you can do but keep reading until you’ve read every single steamy hot word in that book. Right until you’re ready for more. And for such a low price per book, you’re quickly racking up book after book of intriguing erotic fiction. If you’re looking for cheap smut, go to the train station and get yourself some pulp. If your brain needs a bit more than just the old in and sweaty out, turn your attention towards Alison Tyler. There’s not much more competition in terms of hazy mysteriousness. I highly recommend checking out some of the other writer’s books and stories she has edited over the years. They bear the same eye for subtle detail that her own titles have.