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SchoolGirls HD Review

In Few Words

Asian girls are already cute, now imagine them in uniforms. SchoolGirls HD brings sweet girls in uniforms straight from Japan. A dream come true for those fans of Japanese culture. Watch these cute girls get fucked in uniform just like you fantasized when reading Manga comics. Let your wildest imagination become a reality through this website with more than 5000 authentic Japanese videos of models dressed up as Japanese classroom girls in full HD. More than 600 models and pictures, as well as free access to fourteen other websites in the same niche of fresh and horny girls of all sorts. Check them out on membership sites of the Premium Japanese network JAV HD such as POV AV, Hey outdoor, Lingerie AV and many more. Get ready to see the shy and reserved girl who will submit to everything her authority tells her to do or the naughty tease who won’t let go of until her teacher gives into her sucking his cock. The naughty one who got a slapping cock on her face for misbehaving. Let’s be honest, such type of girls have always taken a top place in a man’s fantasy- now it’s time to let them free on this collection of fresh and sweet Japanese chicks.

Site Design

Unlike the overload of pictures of many top-notch North-American porn websites that sometimes make it difficult to find what other features the website has, SchoolGirls HD carry a clean and organized site. The white background without too many photos or text helps to evoke this pure, nubile girl feeling. With a couple of photos of videos on their homepage, on the top of the page, you will find a toolbar with some given options. There you can search for your type of girl in terms of Category, more than twenty options available, as well videos and model’s profile pages. What is great about a clean-cut layout is that you can easily find what you are looking for. The same applies to the content that you are about to see when picking a video. With a profile picture of the girl next to it, you are also given a brief description beneath it. On the Models list, you are able to search for an actress in terms of most popular, top rated and just added- a click away, on a clear and simple toolbar. All seems very efficient and easy when navigating on their page. The best thing about it is that it is also applicable to both computers and mobile. In fast-stream, as well on download.

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Videos & Chicks

Innocent on the outside, some play the role of a girl deserving a severe cock beating from their superior. But don’t be fooled by their appearance as some are actually crazy sex freaks, horny and slutty, the archetypical naughty girl in the classroom. Most videos are given situational scenarios, for example, you’ll meet girls who seduce their teacher into fucking them for higher grades or just because they are horny as fuck. However, although most of them may come out as looking fresh and innocent, many of SchoolGirls HD are pornstars knowing how to do it and in all sorts of ways. So don’t be fooled into expecting inexperienced girls although they may seem to be. Here you will find famous pornstars of the oriental world like Mayu Kawai, Hikaru Momose and Emi Sasaki. SchoolGirls HD is so personalized that you are also given a Category list to filter which type of girl you’re looking for. Are you looking for the ones with harsher treatment then you better search into Hardcore or Fetish. If looking for more of the sweet kind than try your luck on Amateur. When in search of a certain appearance, you can search in Big Tits, Bikini, Lingerie or Shaved Pussy. If looking for some sort of fetish, you can also find things such as Foot Fetish. All kinds of girls wearing the uniform of all shapes, sizes, and packages. Personally, I’d suggest the Hardcore videos as they are the most imaginative than the rest in the bunch. Videos such as Naughty Chika Ishihara Led To Suck A Cock carry a pervasive yet, somehow, intriguing story of Chika, a girl in uniform being held as a hostage. There she is shown laying on the floor with a doggie collar, looking defenseless until her captive comes along with a plate of food. What seems as a twisted yet caring gesture turns out to be just as twisted when he pours a cup of his jizz on her plate and asks her to eat it. After that, she is given as a desert his big throbbing cock to suck on it. I gotta say that for some wicked reason that kind of made me hungry afterward.

Long Story Short

Instead of wearing clothes that are noticeable as costumes, the Japanese like to stay true to their fantasies. This is much different to North American websites featuring fantasy porn where the production is so overtly fantasized in terms of costumes and setting that sometimes this imitation ends up in the result of overkill. Not only are their uniforms authentic but also their behavior much accurate in resemblance to what you would expect such girls would be. One could imagine that in the range of two extremes: first you have the extremely naughty and horny girl, and second you have the super obedient and submissive kind of girl. In that way, Japanese girls appear to be perfect in playing such roles. Besides the theme, SchoolGirls HD is great for its simplicity and efficient user interface. In terms of content, the scenes are imaginative but can also be low-key, which is great for those who don’t like getting too far in their fantasy. Sometimes grounded, sometimes a step too far. Either way, they seem to find what’s sexy in both which, at the end of the day, this seems to be the Japanese way that brings always a middle ground for everything- which is great.