Andrew Blake

Andrew Blake Review

In Few Words

Andrew Blake was the first adult content director that has been awarded the coveted non-theatrical realize category. The guy managed to get a silver medal. In the past, no other porn director has ever had this award or any other award of the sort before and that makes Andrew Blake special compared to the other directors.

The girls will give you a show to die for. There are mainly no guys involved in this website and most of the content is only girls stuff. The ladies will put solo performances for you using toys, some of the clips involved two or more ladies playing with each other tits or pussy and in some other clips, it involves light slavish.

Site Design

The site has amazing and impressive colors. The webmaster who constructed this site did quite an awesome job. The homepage has a charcoal gray background color. On top of the background color, there are tons and tons of explicit images of naked girls. I don’t understand how these pretty women keep their cool when they are on cameras. How do you manage to still smile and look sexy when you have an orgasm building up in your body? All these images on the homepage ooze so much sexiness and beauty.

Moving around the site is also quite efficient and simple. This has been made possible by the availability of tools and features on the homepage and the member’s page area. The tools and features help in navigating through the videos, the girls and the photos. These tools are well and strategically placed at the top of the homepage and the member’s area page. When you click on each one of them you will be directed to a new tab about the same and there you will be able to access the information that you were looking for.

Videos & Chicks

The models available on this site are gorgeous, horny, hot and sexy girls who have such an amazing sex appeal. They are very open minded and they can do anything to satisfy their sexual pleasures. Some of the girls featured on the site are Paola Rey, Otto Bauer, Leah Martin, Adrianna Sage, Nicole lauren and others. These are just a few of the models to be found on this mega site. If you look at all of them they have one thing in common. They are all drop dead gorgeous with such amazing bodies. Any lady would die to look like them. On top of that, these girls are well endowed with skills and techniques that you can only come across on this site.

On top of all these, the site has very high-quality videos and photos sets. The clips and images can only be viewed online and that is the only set back about this site. The sound work is also okay and so is the lighting. I can truly declare that this work was done by a professional who knows what he was doing. There are also available photo sets that can also be only viewed online

Long Story Short

The models who are featured on this website are some of the best models in the porn world. These are people who have done this before like a million times and they know what they are doing. Hence even the director has an easier time doing his work and these results to good clips and images. I love the fact that Andrew Blake is not afraid to explore new ideas and use his creativity in this industry. I was totally impressed by the work on this site and I highly recommend it.

The site doesn’t exist anymore, check our pay porn site reviews.