The Daisy Monroe

The Daisy Monroe Review

In Few Words

If you ever get lonely and desire some company, then you should probably go and see The Daisy Monroe, a site which hosts the lovely Daisy, a girl who loves sucking cocks and having fun with other girls, to such an extent that you will get many orgasms. Her adventures can be seen on the site, as well as that of other girls, who join her in the fun. You, as the viewer, also get a lot of bonus content, for the price of this one site, so stay tuned.

Site Design

Firstly, let us say something about the design, and I have nothing but praise for it. The site is done in a nice, black fashion, and a minimalistic one, too, and it has purple buttons, to top out the passion and the other colors on it. With such a design, an intuitive one, too, you get to access the videos in no time at all, and enjoy the content without losing a second on needless eye candy, or other content that might be there to distract you. There are previews even on the home page, images, or stills taken from the videos, and there is one video, that is actually playable, the largest one on the home page, the one below the logo. Apart from the simple perks that you get as a member, the sorting options and the search bar, you also get to enjoy other perks such as absolutely no lag on the site. Yeah, without lag, everything runs very smoothly, and you can load many videos at once, and many pages, too. That also works well on the mobile devices, so surfing from your bed is more than possible, it is enjoyable, and in more ways than one, of course.

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Videos & Chicks

There is rarely a flower, beautiful as Daisy, and this Daisy loves to fuck. If you think a flower cannot fuck, think again, or just go to the site and see for yourself. Her body can make any person get to that orgasm, just imagine what she can do once she actually starts fucking, no matter whether she is fucking males or females. With guys, she can get really wild, and she loves riding them, both with her pussy and with her ass. She has that passion about her, which she loves showing with other girls, her gentle side, where she gets a bit more intimate, and both of her sides make for really a seductive and arousing experience. What I really love about the site, is the quality of the videos, as you can see all the details, because of the HD resolution. Both the photos and the videos, regularly updated, stand as a symbol of quality, and they are also numerous, updated daily, as mentioned. With so much to see, and download, for free, you might think that that would be all, but you would be wrong, as there are 40 more sites to explore, all with different content, all of which is also downloadable.

Long Story Short

If you ever have a craving for great sex, and you ever feel lonely, The Daisy Monroe will be there to make your fantasies come true, both straight and lesbian alike. She loves to fuck, and she loves to share that with the viewers, so you only get the best of best with her. Not only that, but you get so much bonus content, that you are unlikely to see all of it, even with the free downloads.

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