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Bad Tow Truck Review

In Few Words

So much on sex on the bed! Let go of the usual and try something new, something fresh and something more exciting! Well… if you’re like me who is looking for something more a four-walled room can offer when it comes to sex, then why not get outside, go for a ride? Who knows, you’ll be one of the lucky guys who’ll meet hot sweethearts who can give you hotter fucks and sex adventures!

Oh, well…I’ve mentioned adventures! Bad Tow Truck is one, amazing and unique site – far from the usual porn sites offering typical sex stories and boring videos. This one separate itself from what’s the usual…giving something even more impressive! How I can say that so?
Just imagine a porn site dealing with stories on ‘tow truck’ and hot, steamy, breath-taking sex escapades inside the vehicle? Or, excite yourself on what lovely ladies are up to while they are waiting along the road?

There are more than just sexy asses, juicy licks, pink pussies, and delicious moans from their popping and sucking. Be blazing hot once you’ve watched the stories featured on each video. Feeling hot now? Well… I am sure you don’t wanna miss this porn site now! So, get ready to be driven crazy!

Site Design

Bad Tow Truck offers a site that is well-designed and with great functionality. Just like a highway where roads are smooth and great for vehicles to run and ‘glide’, the site makes it easy for the users to navigate and find what’s offered along the way. There are four main menus on the website: Home, Videos, Models, and All Reality Kings Scenes. Each menu will drive you to scenes you’ll dream to meet along the way (lol!) Just imagine you’ll get upset after you’re being stuck on the middle of the road and then hot and sexy sweethearts will approach you to offer super hot ‘tow’ services! Or, you’re driving and see sexy creatures waiting for a hitch? And then moments after, you’re getting some steamy sessions driving you crazy! You’ll surely not want to go home early, hmm….

The site features videos that contain scenes from steamy ‘make out’ videos to hard-core sex performances either inside or outside the car. You’ll even dare to give off a fuck and deepthroat while lying on the hood. Oh! If only your car can moan! Each video presents beautiful and awesome models on ‘sex-on-the-road’.

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Videos & Chicks

Videos on this site are organized as follows: Recent, Most Viewed, and Top Rated. Of course, you’ll get a glimpse of what to expect, right? You’re not going to have a hard time finding the best video that will fit for your sex pleasures. It’s always best not to get lost of the track so make sure to check their Recent videos. Steaming hot, sure the models are! Thinking on what others’ favourites? Well… go and check their Most Viewed menu to find out why these sizzle with the many. How about their Top Rated option? Uh-oh! Those will surely make you tow-hard!

Commonly, one video is added every day so you’ll be keeping yourself abreast with big dicks, yummy pussies and new styles of sex on the road! So, what else will you be looking for? It’s an all-for-excitement and sex-adventures in one! I’ll give you a quick glimpse on the videos featured on the website. Titles and caption of each video are truly enticing that you’ll be having your wildest imagination at a hit! Here are some:
– Hitchhockiong
– Tow Me Hard
– Just a Lift
– Come On Man
– Not Again
– Hot Mess
– Left Behind
– Alpha Milf
And a whole lot more of steamy sex sessions you’ll definitely crave for more!

All videos are made high-resolution so becoming a member is truly worth it. There’s no buffering, there’s no bumpy-flow of the videos while playing them… oh-lala! It’s like driving on the midst of a highway just enjoying the ride of the wonderful trip you have. Of course, having sex with such beautiful models is more exciting, right? Your dicks will surely thank you for driving your wheels to meet their tits and tasty pussies! I know what you’re thinking now… so why not fuel it up?

Long Story Short

Believe me, there’re good porn sites. But there’re great porn sites as well. You’ll get yourself surprised that you can still give yourself something more awesome? Bad Tow Truck also offers All Reality Kings Scenes that will make your visit on this site wonderfully complete. Oh, sorry! I should’ve said it complete… As always, my advice when choosing the best: go for the content, the quality and what made them exceptional from the usual! The site has been closed, you can find all its videos in the Reality Kings network.

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