CrazyCcollegeGFs Review


When it comes to coeds, you may encounter three types. First, there are the hard working, always learning and researching nerdy types, who are hard to seduce, but if you manage, you can spend really fierce nights with them. Second, there are the girlfriend types, who are looking for long-time relationship, talk about wedding and stuff, and you go crazy while you are wasting months to get her to spread her legs, or at least give you a hand- or blowjob. The third type of coeds is the one that is well-represented on CrazyCollegeGfs. These chicks are making you and your cock crazy. If you are lucky, you may have one or two of this kind of girls, and you think about her with nostalgia while you jerk off. On CrazyCollegeGfs you can watch hot and wild cuties getting nasty with their boyfriend, or just do thing that’s not really allowed those institutions. There are public fucks, flashing in class and even some cock-sucking in a coffee bar. What you must know, that this site is a stand-alone page of the RealityKings network, and with the access to it, you won’t gain access to all RealityKings sites, but you can watch a large amount of the top featured or top rated scenes from other RK sites. RealityKings is focusing on reality porn, which is somewhere between the professional and the amateur porn. The reality porn is professional, since the technology and the staff behind a video is high-quality and professional; it’s also amateur, because the girls and sometimes the guys in the scenes are not porn stars, just average people, who had a chance to do a porn movie. So, you get good quality scenes with real persons, who are making some of your fantasies come true on your screen.

Design & Features

The site has a layout that’s easy to use and the navigation is simple as counting to five. The whole tour page is just there to tease you, awake your curiosity and make you want to see the videos inside. There is a simple main heading with two options: joining or logging in as a member. The rest of the page is a large list of the hottest videos. You can find gifts and pictures alike, and you can see that some of them are shot in excellent quality. Those who chose which moments should go to the tour page did a good job, because scrolling down the page you will get hornier and hornier and you will want to watch this or that scene, just to make sure the action you see is really happening. The CrazyCollegeGfs doesn’t have hundreds of a videos, you can find here only circa five dozen, but they will keep you busy until the next update, and if you manage to watch all scenes you still have a large amount of bonus content to view. Since the content doesn’t really need much filtering, you can’t find keyword filtering, but as the number of videos will grow, it’s sure that is going to change in the future. The videos can be viewed in the embedded player, where you can adjust the quality, the screen size and also you can jump anywhere into the video. The stream is in MP4, the server speed is good, and connection is stable, so no lagging and long loading times. There are picture sets for each video that you can view as a gallery in the browser, or download in one zip file. The hot fresh chicks are very popular, and since the CrazyCollegeGfs site doesn’t really have an exact niche, you can find all kind of actions here. There are other sites with reality porn to offer, but RealityKings is far ahead of them in quality and quantity, and in giving the feeling that it’s real amateur porn.

Girls & Videos

The main thing to know about reality porn is that it’s not real. All scenes are scripted, but the actors do it so well, that you really think that it’s actually happening, and the professional cameraman purposely handles the camera like an amateur, to make it more realistic. There are scenes that are taking place in public places, but it’s quiet sure, that the people walking by are paid actors too, and the whole scene is set up. These are fantasies, but with today’s technology the dirty quickies behind trees or in alleys are making their way to the internet, and thus reality porn becomes reality, performed by amateurs with amateur, yet high quality equipment. There is a large variety in the videos, you won’t find it boring or repetitive, since they are shot in various places with different girls and with different conditions. One of the hottest is the girl who sucks cock in a coffee bar, but the chick masturbating on the bus is awesome too. The models appearing in the flicks are all newbies, but they are not amateurs. They are not afraid of sex and they don’t run away when they see a large cock. Most cuties are natural beauties, with different cup sizes, this way the variety and the reality-likeness is ensured. The chicks are not exactly shy, and they do lots of hardcore stuff, you can see them taking on monstercocks, they suck like a vacuum cleaner and they even do hot anal action too no matter what size they need to take in. There are all kinds of girls here, you can watch lots of Caucasians, but you may find here cute Latinas and Asians too.


CrazyCollegeGfs is a pretty good site for those who want to re-live their best years, and for those who missed some opportunities back then. Though the quality is varied and the number of videos isn’t that large, with the regular monthly updates and the nice bonus content from other RealityKings sites, the CrazyCollegeGfs is a good bargain. Anyone who likes fresh cuties in hardcore porn will appreciate the content on this site, and the whole pile of good bonuses from RealityKings. The site has been deleted but you can discover more amateur porn sites.

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