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PrimeCups has lot to offer, but there is two main things that you can enjoy here: big natural breast and hardcore porn. Every men like tits. Some like the cute perky ones, some like the stiff full rounded pieces, and there are lots of guys who like the big natural breast. On PrimeCups you can watch scenes featuring girls who have prime cups (big boobs), and they also like hardcore sex. However you can expect more than that from PrimeCups. You don’t just get access to a site full of HD scenes, but you get to a members area without advertisements. You also have 9 other sites to browse, since PrimeCups is a site of the PerfectGonzo studio, which means that over 1700 HD videos are yours to watch and save without any limits or restrictions. PerfectGonzo focuses on gonzo style pornography. Gonzo movies are usually made by the guy who is doing the action itself, and the camera is in his hands while he fucks. The difference between gonzo and the POV porn is in the details. While the POV focuses on the girl’s body, the gonzo takes the viewer closer to the action, with close shots of the dick moving in and out, and the pussy or anus filled with cum. The PerfectGonzo sites all have their main niches, some may find them very awkward and messy, but there are guys who like to watch these kind of acts. It’s all about hardcore fucking, but the fun usually starts after the guy is finished: there is sperm swapping, creampie licking and sperm drinking. If you like hardcore lesbian porn, you can watch some hot action on the FistFlush. Those guys and girls who like fresh cunts, can see them getting rough pounding with BDSM elements on TamedTeens. As you may see if you choose to take the tour, PerfectGonzo is not picky, it dares to touch messy things too.

Design & Features

Right now on PrimeCups you can find a good collection of hardcore porn scenes, shot in HD that you can access from your browser, or download. You can watch the scenes in the embedded flash player, which is quite fast, and the video format is 960×540 (web HD) MP4. Due to the format, the stream is loading quickly and you can enjoy the scenes without lags. If you want to download, you have multiple options, however all movies are in MP4, but you can choose the SD format, or one of the HD: 720p or 1080p. There are no limitations and restrictions in downloading, you can save as much as you want, and you can keep it all. The videos are all have a large set of pictures attached, both screenshots and photos. The pictures look very good, and you can view them one by one in your browser, or you can save them all. The niche that is covered on PrimeCups is an old and popular type of pornography. It doesn’t matter how the woman ideal has changed throughout the centuries, big tits can always make a man lose his mind. The sex itself isn’t that important for some, they just want to see the tits bouncing while the girl moans with pleasure. There are thousands of videos of pictures on the Internet about big breasts, but PrimeCups provides Full-HD scenes and very high quality photos. The layout of the site is simple, and since there is no need for it, you won’t find advanced search options. With the large thumbnails and the clear buttons you will find that the navigation is very easy, and you can access all other sites with ease from one place. If you are just visiting the site, you have the ability to browse the videos and watch 1 minute trailers in the quality that you get as member.

Girls & Videos

PrimeCups has 106 models, who are making an appearance in 169 scenes. If you look at the numbers, you can see that there are 106 unique scenes, and some of the girls have done more than one scene. This way, if you do the math you will come to the conclusion, that there is no repetitive content on PrimeCups, and that’s also true for the other sites of the PerfectGonzo network. The girls are all cute, they have nice body and most importantly: huge breasts, mostly naturals. The largest part of the models are Caucasians, but you can find Latinas and Asians too. The actions they perform is pretty straightforward. They strip and dance for the camera, while they are caressing their large breasts. Then the cock of the cameraman comes into the picture, and they start the hardcore stuff, first some teasing and then comes the deepthroat and the tit-fucking. When the dick is hard enough, they start fucking in every possible position, while the camera (sometimes handled by a third person) focuses on the breasts as they bounce during some riding. You can watch lots of pussy fucking and anal penetrations too, so if you are a just looking for hardcore porn, you can find it here, and big breast make you hard, than you will be completely satisfied with the content of the site. There are 169 scenes on PrimeCups. The length of the videos are varied. There are flicks that reach the 60 minutes mark, but the larger part of the videos are 30-40 minutes long. The number of the videos may not be that high, but the sites is updating and the quality and the length makes up for the number.

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