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Let us be real for one second and agree that you dear reader, are an adult with some form of income. What truly makes us adults in our own right is that we budget our money accordingly for our needs and get every penny’s worth when we spend on something, especially for things that we do not need, for example: porn. We all know those free porn videos are highly censored, incredibly pixelated and give us almost no pleasure in watching while wasting our precious time and internet bandwidth. Premium or paid porn on the other hand will give us all the bouncy butts and oversized breasts to make our eyes pop out of their sockets.

However, premium porn is not an everyday necessity and it is what we often call a “luxury item”, something that most adults do not freely put on their monthly budget charts! But what if I tell you that you can get your share of lovely naked ladies, without paying the steep price? With Bang, those dreams are now a reality! Bang is an adult video website that lets you enjoy these adult pleasures without breaking the bank! Talk about more bang for your buck!

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Site Design

Bang got their name from the slang word for sex, specifically quick and dirty sex. Bang is basically an online video library. The design and functionality of Bang’s website is streamlined, and less cluttered than most adult video websites that I have come across. But we are not here to look at the website, we are here to judge is this website is worth the dineros.

In my opinion, there are three main features that I find interesting: frequent updates, a wide range of genres and my personal favorite, unlimited streaming & downloading. Let us start with the frequent updates. Man, how many times has it happened to me when I find a really good adult porn website only to find out that they update once a month! Once a month is not enough to make a man live! Bang has promised to update at least once a week and so far, I have seen them updating at least four times a week! That is at least three times more than the old adult video website I was subscribed!

The second feature is the wide range of genres. This feature both overwhelms the “casual” viewers and excites the porn enthusiast. With the previous adult website, I was stuck with only one genre and as much as I like white guys banging white girls, I often would to see some Asian or lesbian action once in a while. With at least 60 categories, I was not disappointed with the wide selection of delicious porn.

The final feature is what makes 50% of the decision for me to sign up for membership, which is the unlimited streaming and downloading. I live in an area with a moderately fast internet speed and streaming voids online was such a pleasurable experience, I barely had any problem watching it online. But fear not for my fellow porn enthusiast who live in slow internet, the downloading option is best for you. But it’s not the streaming or downloading that makes it interesting, but it’s the “unlimited” that makes it worth the money. But like I said, that is only 50% of the deciding factor that makes me want to sign up for membership. The other 50%? The women and their videos, of course!

Videos & Chicks

Oh my stars, where do I begin? The videos are high quality and their women are masterpieces, it really is hard on where to begin describing them. The women vary from first-timers, amateurs and even some pros! Pros such as Riley Reid, Ashlynn Brooke, Lexi Belle, Tarra White, Jenna Haze and at least fifteen thousand more porn stars!

One of my personal favorite genres is Asian, specifically Japanese girls. Man do I love cute Asian girls, but whenever I browse Japanese porn online, it’s all censored! This is due to the fact that Japan has a censorship law and is rather unfortunate for us non-Japanese. But at Bang, there isn’t any censored porn! That was a huge plus for me.

The recently uploaded videos are all in HD and as for the ones uploaded from a couple of years ago, they’re of low quality, this is because high definition devices weren’t really developed up until the recent years. Bang boasts their collection is one of the largest online at 110,000+ and it grows in hundreds, almost a thousand by the month. The moment I saw both the women and their video quality, I immediately signed up for a month’s membership. I received a special discount code in my email from one of my porn alerts program and used it during my sign up, and I got half a year’s worth of membership for almost 50% off! The best part? One month’s membership cost less than a full meal at a fast food joint. If you aren’t feeling it yet, then why not sign up for a two-days trial membership?

Long Story Short

To sum it all up, I admit it was too good to be true in the beginning and I signed up for the two-days trial, but I realized after a few hours that Bang was legit and immediately signed up for more than a trial membership. If I must describe Bang in one sentence, it is basically the YouTube. It has the same general look and feel of YouTube but instead of General content, it is all adult, sexy fun. Bang has everything you would ever want, all at one convenient website with and incredibly low, low membership price, guaranteed to satisfy anything you’re craving for.



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