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In Few Words

There are different aids that you can use to enhance your jerk-off sessions. One of the latest techniques that you can use is the artificial pussy into which you can insert your dick and enjoy a great fapping session. But using a sex toy does not give you the pleasure of doing it with your bare hands. Can you try and describe how it feels when you use your hands to jerk off?

When you have your hand to masturbate, you would need something to ensure that your hands are kept busy. And what would that be? A slut, a porn magazine or a porn video? Of course, not a slut because you can throw her on your bed and fuck her all night. A porn magazine can make sense, but this is not a good idea to jerk off to. One drop of cum on your magazine and you lose it forever. So, your best resort is to watch porn videos. And this makes sense. You can use your laptop, your tablet or your mobile and jerk off to glory.

And what sites do you visit to jerk off? If you think all sites that give you porn are good sites for a good jerk-off session, you are mistaken. There are numerous factors that you need to consider when you choose a porn site for jerking off, such as the sirens and chicks, the theme, videos and their quality and of course the design and other features of this site, including its subscription. If you are looking for a site that offers the best of all these, you should consider CollegeRules.

Going by the nature of the site, you are sure to get nostalgic and go back to your formative years when you were a hot stud and had a bevy of sirens at your disposal, always ready to please you with their seductive moves. Trust me, if you subscribe to this site, you will have the pleasure of using your hands to jerk off intensely, and you will enjoy every minute of your visit to CollegeRules. To help you attain this pleasure, we have compiled a review of this site that is given below.

Site Design

Don’t be impatient. I know you want to know more about the sluts that this site offers and the kind of videos featured in it. But before we get to discuss this, I think it will be a good idea for you to know some important details about this site, such as its colour scheme, the number of videos, the tabs that are available and of course, the subscription and affordability factor.

Where do you want me to start from? Let us keep the affordability factor to the end. It will help keep up the suspense over this site. Before we begin with anything, let me tell you that the videos on this site are user submitted and so, there are no pornstars, only natural performances by these amateur chicks who are at the end of their formative years.

So, let us start with the number of videos and its quality. All videos are in full HD quality, and to view them, you will need to register with the site. There are two pages of videos available for your touring pleasure. A page containing the Popular videos and a page containing the Latest videos. These pages can be accessed with the help of the tabs on the top of the site. The Popular videos page contains 80 videos while the Latest videos page contains 64 videos. Of course, there are videos that are common to both the pages, but this is to help you understand what to find where. The videos are arranged in a grid format. Each video has a title followed by the duration its duration and number of views. Users can also rate the video with the help of the five stars that has been provided for this purpose. I was surprised to find all videos on the two tour pages having five-star ratings only.

At the top of the site, against a black background, I could find the logo of this site, CollegeRules. Simple, yet very elegant and sophisticated. This is all I could decipher about the logo. The site is simple and sober and gives you a very pleasant feel on logging in. At the right of the logo, you will find a couple of links for members and to join. I will keep the subscription a suspense. It will make for exciting reading.

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Videos & Chicks

Let us come to the part that you are eagerly and desperately waiting for, the sluts and videos. We have already mentioned the quality of videos in the previous section. In this section, we will check out the kind of sirens you will get on this site and try to describe a video through the contents available on the tour pages.

First, let us look at the chicks. These are not the run-of-the-mill pornstars you see in most porn videos. As mentioned in the previous section, these videos are submitted by the users of this site. So, there are no famous names you will come across. But this will not stop you from enjoying porn. Since users have submitted these videos, the performances are natural. In fact, the videos are taken when the couples and groups have been making out in various places. What I liked is that the sirens and hunks willingly allowed themselves to be captured on camera with the act and had no qualms in having these uploaded to the Internet.

The sirens are chicks with naturally endowed bodies. I love boobs, and can freak out when I see one, even on my computer. I could not take my eyes off the breasts. It was a visual feast spread out in front of me. All I wanted to do was to jump with her into my bed and suck the nipples hard, feel it in my mouth, my wet saliva making her go crazy and have her leave soft moans of pleasure. The boobs were perfectly shaped and round. The soft flesh was so inviting that I wanted to hold them, squeeze them, fondle them and play with them as if it was my plaything.

The pussies are natural and well-maintained. They are either trimmed or clean-shaven and I loved watching these pussies as the hunks fucked them. Some videos are very naughty and I liked Naughty Time Girls. A guy lying down, a chick licking his cock while another is holding it for this slut. There are others hungrily eyeing the cock. Oh, what a lucky guy he is! Do you want to replace him? Oh, yes! Gleefully.

Long Story Short

Let me lift the veil of the suspense. The subscription is affordable, well not just affordable, tremendously affordable. A one-day trial pack will take you nowhere, so opt for the annual pack. You will enjoy a whole year’s worth porn at a deep discount of 75% as compared to the monthly plan. It’s a deal you can never ignore. And with all the great stuff this site provides, never spend the night alone forever, for CollegeRules will be a friend for life.


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