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In Few Words

For the love of cute girls with jazzed faces, CoverMyFace was created back in May of 2006 and for almost a decade, the number of models, good quality videos as well as a huge following has managed to characterize this site, which is one of the most popular facial sites according to my experience.

The girls in here are also very cute and naughty, which is just the kind of girls that we need in the porn world to make sure that everything is working out in the right manner. I also got the opportunity to enjoy the fact that these girls were in a position to fuck more than a single huge cocked fellow and that just made things to be way too exciting at the end of it all.

The site is designed to achieve simplicity. And in addition to that, plenty of features are usually placed at your disposal so that you can sit tight and enjoy all of the good things that come with that site. Some of these features that you will have the pleasure of checking out once you become a member of CoverMyFace includes the following:

Site Design

CoverMyFace, apart from having some heartthrobs for its top notch models, also happens to have a couple of amazing features. In addition to about 42+ bonus sites at its members’ disposal, you will most certainly be treated to quite a number of amazing, out of this world features.

The searching tool is one of the most important features in here that will get you the model or category of sex that you need. And as if that was not impressive enough, you will also enjoy the live feeds, personals, vidcaps galleries as well as plenty of store material. There are some preview shots for each video that will help you decide on the kind of scene that you want to watch. The latter is a good feature because it really saves you a lot of time.

CoverMyFace also allows its users to save their favorite videos for later, that is if they aren’t the kind of people who love to download the steamy, mind boggling erotic material. That will help you find it with ease the next time that you check out this site which is something that I found to be totally interesting. A free trial is also offered to the potential members which will, in turn, help them make up their minds about becoming full-time members.

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Videos & Chicks

Some of the girls whom you will get the pleasure of seeing getting gangbanged include Rihanna Samuel, Deena Daniels, Nataly and Nychole among plenty other amateur girls. And these girls are just as hot as the kind of sex that they exhibit in there, which is just too amazing for you to miss it. These girls will get to suck off the pre-cums as well as cum from more than one dick. And at some point, you will get to see these girls fucking hard and having more than three, huge and veiny cocks inside of them in their mouths, assholes as well as pussy – fucking them all as hard as possible so that you can get all entertained as much as possible.

Girls will also get you to see some close-up cumshots as they get more than one cock busting cum all over their faces, filling up their mouths or their pussies to the point that it just starts to drip all the way down. And so, if you love such kind of hardcore sex, then this is most certainly that one place that you need to be at right now.

And for you to gain access to all kinds of erotic enjoyment, the first thing that you need to do is sign up. And quite thankfully, the girls and their mouthwatering scenes aren’t the only things that will capture your attention in the right manner as soon as you have become a member of this fascinating, arousing porn site. The videos available in CoverMyFace are all very clear and well directed. And as such, all I can assure you is nothing but the very best that porn has to offer. You can get the chance to save your favorite video for later, once you have streamed them and loved them. And if you want to download them, the MP4 format can really come in handy.

The flash player will surely sort you out with a flawless streaming experience that will most certainly give you that golden opportunity to thrive while you are streaming your videos. But first, you need to register and become a member of this site, since its only then that everything will work out in your favor.

Long Story Short

The moment I became a member of CoverMyFace is the moment I decided never to go looking for facials from any other site because of one reason – there is only the very best of erotic satisfaction in here, which is par of the reason why I totally had a good time. There are plenty of hot girls like Nataly whom I just couldn’t get my eyes off, and this was because she isn’t just beautiful but will blow your mind away. She really knows how to fuck and, once she gets the semen all over her cute face, she always takes her time to give you a show that will continue to blow your mind away for sure.

CoverMyFace is designed to archive simplicity. And as such, it will always give you an easy time to find all of the videos that you are looking for, which is just amazing. And as if that wasn’t good enough, the reliable features will also make you enjoy your browsing. I, therefore, recommend that you make some time and check out this site today – something that you will never regret.



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