BrutalCBT Review

In Few Words

The BrutalCBT is all about destruction and dominance. If you don’t know what CBT is, by the end of this review, you will get a thorough explanation, so you can get some actual help in deciding whether this site is for you or not. One thing is certain though: you will find here some very mean and really nasty porn videos, and if you like femdom porn, you might enjoy them, if not, you might get to like it. This spectacular site launched back in 2001, though the list of the videos state that the first ones were uploaded in 2005, so let’s assume that the actual launch was ten years ago.

It’s still a long time, and it shows that the site surely has a members’ base, otherwise it would have gone down the sink in months after the launch. Instead of going down, the site stands proud, and it offers a neat collection, updates, along with a nice pile of bonuses. As part of the FetishPack network, the BrutalCBT offers its member more hardcore porn videos, covering all kind of heavy niches. There are 24 sites in the network, and they can be sorted into different sections. There are femdom sites, which feature female domination and male submission; most sites offer bit (but just a bit) softer elements than the BrutalCBT. You get access to a bunch of nylon and feet fetish sites, along with a few transsexual sites.

There are other fetishes too, like leather and latex, smoking, wrestling, BBWs and a lot more. The movies of the network are semi-exclusive, which means that they were originally published on DVDs, but they were never updated for any other porn site.

Site Design

When you decide to take a tour on the home page of the BrutalCBT, get yourself ready to see some very nasty stuff on the thumbnails, and if you don’t have the nerves for it, you should leave as soon as you can. There are trailers on the tour page, so you can get the necessary information which can help you make the decision.

In the members’ zone, you can watch the videos in the embedded player, and you might also download them for your own collection. The online watching is a good option if you want to ascertain yourself of the quality, while the downloading might be a good choice for those who want to watch a video more than once, or don’t want to stay for too long here. Most of the videos are in SD quality, so the in-browser playing is smooth, and the downloaded files aren’t too big.

From the members’ area you may reach the network pages too, and to scan through the content, you can use the keywords-based search engine, that will help you get to the content you seek. All sites within the FetishPack are available for mobile browsing, so it doesn’t matter where you are, if you have an Internet connection, you can enjoy some heavy hardcore porn.

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Videos & Chicks

The women on the BrutalCBT are the meanest ones you may have ever seen. They may play a role, but as you will watch the scenes you might get the impression that there are some among them who actually like to do these outrageous things, which makes them really psycho. If you are into raving mad women who are not just dominating men, but they actually hurt them, then this site is the perfect for you. The women in the videos are not just mean, but they look good too. Those who are familiar with the FetishPack network, or stumbled upon some of these DVDs in the past, might find some of the mistresses here familiar. Since the movies are coming mostly from Europe, you can find here some sick German mistresses, and we all know that they might a weird people (looking for the US) but these Germans know how to do heavy hardcore and a bit terrifying porn.

There are some other nationalities here, but that’s not the most important. What is important is that the women here are looking hot, and the latex and leather clothes they wear make them smoking hot. Since the site’s name stands for BrutalCock&BallTorture, it’s just expectable that you will find here really heavy hardcore porn with truly mean things taking place in them. Depending on the mistress’ favorite niches and their mood, there are various methods coming up to make those man squeeze and beg for the mistress’ mercy. For example, in many scenes, the women take it very seriously and they candle to make the guys moan: these candles are not just decoration, as you could already depict they let the melted hot wax dropping onto the cock and the balls of the guy.

Some other mistresses give the foot-fetish fans their fair share of joy and hurt: they get their cocks between their toes, twist and pull them; and to make it full they kick them in their balls very hard. If you used to wash your own clothes or you are helping your girlfriend of wife with it, you certainly have some clothespin… well, the mistresses have some too, and from the best, strongest ones, but they don’t use it for clothes, they use it to make their slave moan. Maybe the nastiest mistresses are the smoker, and you may get the picture why they are the worst.

Long Story Short

Though videos are the darkest of the heavy hardcore porn, they still offer some fun times for the guys who get turned on by this kind of stuff, but also those girls who like to watch men’s penis hurt and destroyed might find the collection of the site interesting and satisfying. The fetishists will surely appreciate this collection, but the main thing is that they likely find their niches and fetishes covered in these videos.

For more fetish and femdom porn, you don’t even need to leave the site because there are more than 20 heavy hardcore porn sites included in your membership, granted to you by the FetishPack network.