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In Few Words

On the KylieCole you can find a collection of high-quality photos and videos of a gorgeous, cute redhead, Kylie Cole. The site’s main niche is teasing, and this is the only thing it provides you with: sexy, but not sexually explicit pictures and videos. They usually call this modeling with implied nudity, where the implied means that you won’t see her nipples and the pussy or the anus. Though the nudity sometimes full, the girls always have a way to hide those details that could make the site considered as a softcore porn site. This spectacular page launched during sometimes this year, and it offers more than just one girl’s photos and videos.

If you become a member, you gain access to a few more sites and webcam shows with a bit more explicit content, but most of them cover the same niche: implied nudity and the real beauty of natural girls. All pictures and videos on the KylieCole are unique, and though you may find some of her pictures elsewhere, those were usually shot before this site and they are not featured here. Overall, this website has a nice collection, and the quality is amazingly good.

Site Design

You will probably be a bit surprised when you land on the site because it looks just as good as that redhead wonder on the pictures. The site loads fast, and you will find it to be easily usable. The first thing you will see is the model of the site, showing some nice details; and she looks really inviting. There is ought to be a teaser trailer, though during the time of this review it wasn’t available, from prior experience it’s sure to be uploaded soon. In the members’ zone, you can find the real stuff: the pictures and the videos. Everything you can see here represents the finest quality that you might find online.

The videos are shot in Full-HD, and you can save them to your hard drive, or play them in the browsers’ window, using the fast embedded player. The photos are really sharp and clear, and it’s suitable for those who like collecting this kind of medium. You can enjoy them on full screen in your browser, or you might save them in zip files. These pictures are not just some screen captions of poor quality; they are rather nice, 2400p photos shot with quality machines, and in a well-lit environment. As for access from portable devices, you might be glad to know that there is a neat mobile version of the KylieCole site, and it lets you access all content from your tablet or smartphone. At this moment the site has been tested with Android device, though it’s quite certain that iOS and Windows devices are also supported.

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Videos & Chicks

The main model of the site is Kylie Cole, who is a fresh and gorgeous redhead girl. She resides in the United States. This upcoming model isn’t tall, but she has a perfectly shaped body, and everything on her is placed to fit her height. She has medium-large tits, both of them are naturals, and her butt is so perfectly sculpted that the great sculptors should envy the work that she and her parent genes’ performed when they formed that buttock. If you believe in a God, you should thank him (or her) for the amazing job that was done with Kylie Cole’s body. Redheads in the porn and in the modeling industry are a bit hard to find, especially so cute ones like Kylie. If you look at her, you can tell right away that she is a natural redhead: her skin is white, and there are some freckles on her face (when she is not wearing make-up). Her hair is curly, but there are photos and videos where she has straight hair, and it looks good on her too, though being curly gave her a playful and sexy innocence.

Another model that appears on the site is Camryn a stunning and beautiful brunette girl, who compared to Kylie, is also amazing, but she has a wilder look, due to the tattoos on her body. She appears in multiple photo sets with Kylie, and the two of them make up a great pair, though there is nothing between them. Now, you may think that if there are two hot chicks some juicy lesbian sex happens in the videos here. Well, we must disappoint you, there is nothing going on, because the main niche of the site is modeling with implied nudity, without nipple and genitalia being uncovered. The girls are usually posing together in the different environment, and rest assured, they look pretty good together, and because of the main focus here is to tease, they will get close to each other, but they don’t get in touch in a sexual manner.

The videos and the pictures usually come together, and you will find both mediums to be exciting. Among the videos, you can find ‘dry’ ones, which usually feature Kylie posing nearly naked in a room, in the garden… practically anyplace that’s dry. Some sets are shot in wet places: under the shower, in a hot tub or on the beach. You can enjoy the wee little bit of fetish too since Kylie seems to be like it when her body is covered with chocolate syrup, so some sweet sexy fun is there to be watched.

Long Story Short

The KylieCole is a clever and outstandingly sexy site. The teaser websites are very popular nowadays, and since the web is full of explicit hardcore content, it’s a really comforting feeling that the natural beauty of a girl’s body is still appreciated and there are still sites focusing on the beauty, the temptation. The included bonuses are worth checking too if you are looking for more of this kind of modeling, and you are tired of the hardcore sites where every girl spreads her leg and show everything. These sites show that hiding the details can be sexy and it’s enough the make a man horny.



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