Burning Angel

Burning Angel Review

In Few Words

Burning Angel is a site which focuses exclusively on Emo chick with lots of tattoos. Sex is great on a general level but add a woman with God knows how many piercings and tattoos and it gets a whole lot better. I mean, who hasn’t had a fantasy of a big breasted Emo chick’s legs wrapped around their face? Paired with an expert production team and you’ve got some killer pictures and videos. Because Burning Angel makes its money through membership you don’t have to be bothered with those pesky advertisements. This only means that the Burning Angel website has wall to wall content and something steamy to greet you in every direction you look. Additionally, you get exclusive information on Burning Angel events like live web shows where you can see CO-Hoe Joanna Angel do what she does best; making women and men wet.

Membership to Burning Angel will earn you unhindered access to the site’s vast library of exclusive photos and videos. Also, it gives members access to the Burning Angel blog which can be used to ask your favorite stars all the questions that have been itching you for an answer. Membership even gives you the opportunity to talk to the girls during their show! It doesn’t get much better than that. Follow me as I explore in detail exactly what sets Burning Angel apart from the rest.

Site Design

The Burning Angel website stands firm on the Emo platform, rocking black and pink in a way only Emo can. The font used for the Burning Angel logo is Bold and Broken which is basically the definition of Emo. The content, however, is as steamy as they get and definitely not for the fane hearted. The tabs to navigate the site are easily found as they are located in the top left hand corner of the home page. These tabs, namely the Explore tab, the community tab the categories tab and the store tab, are used to navigate the site which simply means that navigation is extremely easy.

In the right hand corner you’ll find the membership form so that new members can sign up and get in on the exclusive action! Another interesting fact about Burning Angle is that you can choose how you download. It ranges from Low 160 to Full HD 1080. This is a choice many of us don’t get. Streaming videos is seamless if you have a good internet connection and with that vast library I doubt you’d stop at just one. Who would? Burning Angel is also house to pages upon pages of exclusive photos you won’t see anywhere else but on this site.

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Videos & Chicks

The women on this site are, in my opinion, tatted beauties. Burning Angel is home to over 400 professional porn stars, my personal favorite being the CEO of the site Joanna Angel. Her name is present in almost, if not every, video on the site. If not for directing, then for staring, if not for staring then for co staring. Now that’s what you call some hands on work! Joanna is seen doing just about everything with just about everyone and we love her all the more for it.

Other tatted beauties that can be found on this site is the stunning Brittany Lynn, edgy Pixie Pearl (oh the irony) and voluptuous Krissie Dee just to name a few, all show off their most desirable assets for our pleasure. And believe me, it is most definitely our pleasure. Sets and location vary for each video so all in all you’re not just getting what you logged on for, but so much more. This site is so diverse that you can’t generalize anything, except for? You guessed it… SEX! The site has a wide range of categories for you can pick your poison; from deep throat, to anal, to BBW, to fetish. You name it! One such video is titled “Axis Evol Oil Sex” which involves big breasted Axis being covered in oil in an inflatable pool and getting pounded in the best way possible. And other such video is entitled “My Slutty Stepmom” which involves a tatted beauty getting hands on with her step son and his friends’ girlfriend. Well they were going to do it anyways might as well add the stepmom. You’ll find hundreds more videos like these and countless other scenarios on the site. And there are a guaranteed six new videos every week!

These sexy, steamy videos on Burning Angel are of high quality MP4 format. This is great for when you’re feeling hot and bothered and need something extra to aid in your sexual release. And if you’re looking for something longer than even a forty-five minute video you could always go to the store and buy one or all of their exclusive DVDs, which are beyond a flicker of a doubt worth every penny.

Long Story Short

Burning Angel does a phenomenal job in keeping the focus on horny Emo women. Personally, I believe that that requires a level of commitment a lot of other sites fall short of. So for those of us, myself included, that enjoys porn a little more dark and hardcore than the others; this site should be somewhere between one and five on your favorite porn site list. But this site is not just for the darker souls. It is so diverse that everyone can find a poison to pick. If someone were to ask if I would join this site I would reply “In a heartbeat! But I’m broke”. Where else are you going to find beautiful tatted Emo chicks with big breasts and the ability to make even the Sahara desert wet? So if you’re considering joining I urge you to, you won’t regret it.