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In Few Words

Hey, let me tell you something. What would you rather have? A naked girl waiting in your bedroom? Or a hot sexy oiled up girls waiting in the bathroom? Not that hard to choose huh? Why stay contented with one girl in your bathroom when you can have two or even three sexy ladies waiting for you? Today we’ll be looking at ‘lubed’ website. This site is new but it’s starting off strong seeing what it’s got for us. Lubed is focused on hardcore messy sex. All their sex videos are located in all the wet places. You won’t find that many videos online from Lubed since all its videos are exclusive. Now enough rambling from me and let’s get straight to business. What does “Lubed” have in store for its members?

Lubed preview

Site Design

First off, let’s check out the website. I was really excited when I saw how lubed designed their site. It’s so interactive and ALIVE. Unlike other porn sites that shows you a simple homepage with videos and description. This one made a different approach. You’ll see before you a HUGE image of girls fucking guys in a very wet scene. But it’s not just any image you see on the web. This one’s a .gif image. Which means, the pictures really move as if you’re watching a muted video, what’s more is that the .gif image has a really long duration and the quality is amazingly high def. Now if you move your eyes in the upper left corner you’ll notice their logo has a white background with a black icon shaped like a water droplet. Pretty nice actually since they only produce wet sex. Now let’s head to the model’s page. In this page you’ll be seeing all these beauties just waiting to be clicked. Their arranged by popularity so you could get the best stuff out of the site in the first pages. The site also has this dark theme color which is pretty cool because it really emphasizes the videos while their being played and its pretty easy to the eyes. One thing I really like about the site is their daily update. I mean, you get to witness one of their models getting fucked every single day! That’s really amazing since fresh porn are MAJOR TURN ONS! But that’s not all, if you happen to find yourself thinking, is this all they have in store? I’d be more than happy to prove you wrong my friend, because once you become a member of this site, you get exclusive access to more porn sites as well! Talk about killing two birds with one stone! I also like the animation when you like a video or make it your favorite. They have this kind of heart pop up thingy that appears when you’re about to tag a video as your favorite. I think the website’s pretty neat for a new pornsite. Not many porn sites start off this strong and graphically impressive during their early years.

Videos & Chicks

Before we get to the girls, let’s take a quick review about the video quality. The video is set to Ultra Definition, it’s a new resolution nowadays where the videos reach 4k Resolution. It’s really, really big and high def. It has almost the same resolution as the human eye. I know, it’s awesome. But if 4k quality is too much for you, it also has high quality. The videos can be downloaded to with no limits plus the streaming is also unlimited. The downloads can be downloaded in different formats like 1080pMP4 HD, 720pMP4 HD, 480pWMV HD, and 720p. Another nice fact is that their productions include a special kind of camera. This camera is resistant not only to water but to different sorts of liquid as well, since the scenes include lots of stuff spilling and splashing towards the camera, I’d say they’ve really thought this through. It’s actually pretty hot seeing all those squirts going to the camera, If I say so myself. The locations also vary from pools, to bathrooms, bathtubs, marble rooms or anywhere you think getting wet and dirty is possible! As for the models. Dude, have you ever seen a girl with the most perfect body just shining in front of you, glittering like the stars? Man, it’s like fucking a fucking goddess. I know it’s amazing but here in lubed, they make that dream come true! Not just any mode can sign up here. Their models include porn stars like Megan Rain, Adriana Chechik, Keisha Grey and many more all covered in those magic oil ready to satisfy you till you explode in your bedroom! You also won’t be seeing any content being copied from other sites to this site, all contents here are original and awesome. The scenes include threesomes, group sex, and even some lesbian plays from time to time. Dude, after knowing all this do I still have to give a verdict? If you think so then keep reading!

Long Story Short

Lubed network really did a great job starting off this strong. I mean, just looking at their website’s homepage is more than enough to harden those cocks. Seeing these girls determination and hardcore fucking scenes, you can say these girls are up for anything you throw at them. I mean, these girls even suck cocks that just came out of another girl’s pussy and drill those cocks back inside again. The girl’s performance in this web site is something for lubed to be proud of. I don’t know what else I can say. Every wet dirty dream a guy could ever dream of is here in lubed. So if you’re into getting down wet and dirty with these girls. You have found your site!



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