Chi Town Butts

Chi Town Butts Review

In Few Words

The Chi Town Butts is another compilation of hardcore videos, coming from the folks behind the Chi Town Booty Watchers. It’s not exactly clear for us what they meant by the site’s name, but it’s not our task nor is the place for it to decipher the hidden meaning behind. In fact, the content of the two sites is similar, but not the same. On the Chi Town Butts, you are going to see some fine Black and Asian girls fucking and sucking, and if that’s not enough, the lesbian videos are guaranteed to help you cum.

In case you were wondering, the site seems to have been online since 2006,  however it looks like the content was added during 2011-2012. As far as we could tell, the biggest issue with the site is the lack of new updates. The collection of the site is fixed, and it’s not growing anymore. Apart from this issue, the site has proved to be a satisfactory porn portal, and when you get a membership here, you will get something more.

There are in fact six sites for you to browse, all coming from the workshop of the Remedy Entertainment. The included sites all offer you similar niches: there is mostly ethnic porn on the videos, coming from the Black on Black categories, and among the scenes. You will find some Caucasian BBWs taking on Black guys, along with a site with some BBW facesitting. The site claims – and we actually believe – that the videos here are exclusive; we haven’t seen them on other portals, and they usually feature the same guys.

Site Design

So, if you open up the site in your browser, you will see that it’s plain and simple. During the tour, you can view some pictures, there are no videos to preview. Good feature of this portal is that it’s compatible with mobiles, thus you can browse it a bit more easily. Take the tour, spend a few minutes with it, and then start exploring the collection in the members’ zone.

As you will see, the inner page is quite ordinary, and it doesn’t differ much from the outer page. You are going to find the menu useful, as it offers you the only navigation. There aren’t that much content to browse to make a search engine necessary. You have the chance to watch the videos in your browser, but if you prefer downloading, you can do that too. Mostly SD MP4 files are offered to save, and it looks like there is no download limitation of any kind.

There are photo galleries added with the videos, they also worth to look at, and if you like them, you might want to do download. Though the site is a bit outdated its performance is really good: the videos download quickly, and the in-browser access is also fast and smooth.

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Videos & Chicks

The models here are mostly Blacks, and they are getting banged by Black guys. So, it’s mostly ethnic porn, however there are a few hotties who seem to have some Asian ancestry, though they have natural brown skin. Such kind of girl is Candy, who is a neat chick, with an almond-shaped eye, but with a booty of a Black model. You are going to find her to have a bit of fat on her body – it’s a kind of natural on this site. There are cuties too, but bit fatter models and BBWs are appearing too, and they seem to be the most common here. For example, you might like the hot cunt Dyme in the videos, because she has an amazingly hot booty, and an overall fine appearance.

Apart from there, there are more than 100 different hotties here, ranging from skinny cunts to BBWs. They aren’t professionals, so if you like your models hot and eager, without overplaying their excitement, these cuties will really serve your appetite. These videos are all coming from the semi-professional type. In fact, we consider them as amateur porn, because they are not exactly the kind you find on professional site: they are shot with a hand camera or with a second one in use sometimes, and they usually take place in a regular bedroom.

Also, they feature vanilla hardcore sex, the only thing that gives them an edge is the appearance of the models: Black, Asians, cuties and BBWs. However, in some cases they do some pretty awesome things, such as they are performing three-girls engaging lesbian sex, there are BBG threesomes, and you can also enjoy a large selection of juicy porn videos with actual hardcore. There seem to be some fetish element in these flicks, and it looks like that these guys are not exactly into skinny girls: there are many chubbier and actual BBW models.

What they do is exciting, and though the sex is quite ordinary, you can still enjoy some very juicy stuff. In case you like to watch hot girls doing all kinds of hot stuff, then this compilation of fine pornography won’t bother you too much. You may not see here anal sex and the likes, but the BBW plus ethnic-porn edge the videos offer will make it worthwhile for you.

Long Story Short

These flicks are good to watch. They may not represent the highest quality one can find out there, but they have a nature which makes them to be quite extraordinary, and you are going to love what these scenes offer overall. You will find here BBWs, and to be honest, there are plenty of them.

This, together with the semi-professional nature of the videos will make you satisfied quite much. As you gain access to half a dozen of hardcore sites, the overall deal is much friendlier, and if you prefer BBWs and black booty, you are going to find it to be a very good deal to make.

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