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In Few Words

Acting porn is something that I never thought that I would aspire to do. In fact, many at times, I would wonder why adult actors would portray all of their private parts on camera for the whole world to see. As I grew up, I started realizing that there is nothing better than sexual satisfaction. Times without number, there are many adult sites that have introduced us to porn stars that we could never get enough of. Although being a porn actor is not something that is featured on my bucket list but should the opportunity be able to present itself, I would not be able to turn it down. The same cannot be said for the models on the adult site She’s New. They live and breathe porn entertainment and do not have any other choice than to make it big in the adult business. They have warm-up sessions by uploading videos that showcase them being fucked by their boyfriends, husbands or simply a friend with benefits. They, later on, upload these videos on She’s New, hoping to get picked for the next big porn gig.

All of the content is represented in 1080p HD quality. Their budding expertise in some of their first hardcore porn encounters makes them stand out from the crowd. Obviously, the Team Skeet Network has plenty of girls waiting in line for porn castings. You will not be disappointed by what you find on this platform. The site features exclusive new girl collection of adult videos. 

While some of these girls may be spotted on other platforms, the videos here showcase their first-time try in hardcore sex. When a giant porn network such as Team Skeet puts an amateur site together, you will highly appreciate all of the content that you get. That being said, there are tons and tons of videos to explore. As a site that currently holds 190+ scenes, She’s New has a lot of growing potential, especially with the frequent updates that are seen on the site. There are more than 130 hotties who are ready to take you to cloud nine and back. For the most part, you will wish that this was a one-way trip.

It is hard to guarantee the exclusivity of the site because we never know if the amateur girls send their videos to other platforms but you will surely get some darn good content from this platform. The videos can be enjoyed in a stream or downloaded as MP4 formats. When you join She’s New, there are 14 other sites that are all part of the Team Skeet Network that you will equally enjoy. Whether you want to watch fresh faces, hardcore sex or big tits, this is the best platform to do so!

Site Design

She’s New is an adult site that is appealing to the eyes as well as other private body parts. The gray background will keep you fixated on nothing other than the content in the collection. There are only three categories which include the members’ area, bookmarks and the ‘Join Now’ part of the site. The videos are also presented in a simple manner. All of them comprise of the tagline, ‘you are just minutes away’ which means that you should simply sign up for the site to enjoy the flicks in full and not as previews.

Some of the videos are Gif in nature, therefore, you can see a quick glimpse of what in store even before watching the actual previews. One after another, they load up pretty quickly so that you do not have to endure countless hours of waiting for the pages to fill up with flicks. There aren’t any descriptions to accompany the scenes, even so, it is pretty easy to tell what is going on in this platform.

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Videos & Chicks

The models on She’s New fit the bill of new girls who are beautiful and shy about stripping down in front of the camera. Their perky tits and tight asses will make you pay special attention to your zipper because there will be a sudden rise in movement. It is hard to ignore their innocence as well as their sexiness. The combination of these two factors makes them the perfect first-time candidates. Every aspiring porn star has to do what they have to do and therefore, these girls are not an exception.

There are many new faces that you have never seen or even heard of. They include Taylor May, Amina Allura and Cece Capella. However, the site is oozing with talent, therefore, it is hard to pick and choose a favorite. The videos are filled with tapes rather than casting videos. Despite this, the level of clarity is still near perfect. Scenes that feature Gina Valentine and Cece Capella are my absolute favorite. Although the models are separately shot, they easily co-relate. For instance, Gina is having a shower when her boyfriend pops in with a camera and while Cece is taking a nap her horny boyfriend does the same.

You will thoroughly enjoy all of the hardcore fucking sessions for all that they are worth. You have never known a good first-time porn video unless you get to see what this platform has to offer. The models are very beautiful and memorable. They remind you of the girl next door only that they loved to get fucked harder than usual. Either way, the entertainment cannot be ignored.

Long Story Short

If you want to get into the porn business, you should definitely take a page out of these models’ handbooks. They use their bodies to get what they want. The entertainment is on a whole other level. You do not get to only enjoy the hundreds of moves here but you also get a pass to all of Team Skeet Network sites. Yes, this is as good as it gets! This website has been deleted, but all its amateur xxx videos are available in the Teams Skeet network.


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