Crazy Toon Sex Review

Crazy Toon Sex is one of the sites that could come in handy when some of the impossible fantasies are taking over your cravings. The kind that can only be fulfilled only by the internet and by the digital media. Crazy Toon Sex is offering a library filled with hardcore animated porn featuring some of the most popular and hottest cartoon characters of today’s entertainment. This is one of those sites where you can watch the characters of your favorite cartoons shows banging each other. I am talking about the sexy ladies of Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad, Totally Spies and many other popular shows. Besides that, the collection also brings some classics, such as The Flintstones, The Smurfs or Wizard of Oz, all filled with kinky sex, sometimes so nasty that would be impossible in real life. You will have a good time on this site, and all you have to do is buy one of their memberships. The movie from the best-animated porn studios and some cool bonuses will be yours with any of the memberships of this site. Read more about all aspects of this site in our review below!


The collection of this site is only available for paying members. Once you pay your membership, you will gain instant access to the member area of Crazy Toon Sex. From there, you will be able to browse and stream all videos. The browsing goes well, but the site could use an advanced search tool and a tagging system. The site will only let you sort the collection based on the upload date of the movie, their length, their ratings or their view-count. The website is pretty rudimental, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing because it still offers the bare minimum of featured needed by a porn user. Bottom line, the site offers exactly what you need and nothing more. Also, it will load fast and offer good navigation from mobile devices. For the men who are straight to the point, the interface of Crazy Toon Sex is just perfect.


Crazy Toon Sex features just animations made by start-up studios. There is nothing too fancy on the site, but for a porn shorts, the artwork of these animations is just perfect. Also, the content of this site will still arouse viewers over the limit since it features porn with some of the most popular and fantasized characters of the pop culture. At the moment, the site can offer 73 porn parodies of famous cartoons, with lengths between 10 and 20 minutes. The content is non-exclusive, meaning that Crazy Toon Sex bought the rights to commercialize these videos from various small studios. That’s also kind of a blessing since you will get to enjoy different animation styles and approaches of the digital sex. Mostly, the studios are from the US and Japan, and you will be able to make clearly the difference between the American and Japanese styles. The American xxx cartoons of this site are somehow more realistic than the ones offered by Japanese studios, which aren’t afraid to go for the supernatural and introduce tentacle porn and crazy scenarios. Besides the 73 videos of Crazy Toon Sex, the members of this site will get to play some cool porn games on this site. Also, the bonus includes access on two other sites as part of the Toon Pass offer. These sites are Futanari Sluts, which is a site that only offers shemale hentai, and Hentai Temple, where you can find anime porn from all kinds of dirty categories.


Since Crazy Toon Sex is all about animated porn, we can’t talk about actual pornstars. However, I want to mention a few things about this site that could be considered as part of our Pornstars section. First of all, the voice acting in all movies is pretty cool. Some of the studios put the effort in giving the characters voice that closely resembles the original. Also, the moaning and sex FX in the movies is pretty accurate. Most of the movies on the site have English dialogue. Another thing that we could talk about is the popularity of the characters. By far the most popular cartoon shows from the US are the most popular. The most popular show that’s parodied in this collection is Family Guy, so much so that Peter and his sexy redhead wife Louise are featured in the very logo of the site. American Dad and Cleveland show are two other shows from the same Seth McFarlane universe that are featured in this collection, sometimes with crossover scenes. Futurama, The Simpsons, Pokémon and Harry Potter are also popular on Crazy Toon Sex.


The collection of this site wouldn’t be big enough to justify the price of the membership if we weren’t talking about such a wanted, but rare niche. The cartoon sex category is usually avoided by major porn companies due to copyright issues. But now and then comes to a site that found a loophole in the rules of Hollywood and can bring us such collection. And the quality of the videos is also pretty awesome. Add that to the bonus games you will get as a member and to the two additional sites included in the offer, and the membership seems pretty fair. For a single month on this site, you will pay $27.95. The three months membership costs $59.95, and the yearly membership costs $95.95, which means just $8 a month. The site also has a one day trial for $0.95, but this recurs automatically to a 30 days access membership for $39.95. So far, the site only offers the credit card payment method, for which the billing is discrete. Any of the memberships of this site will offer you unlimited streaming and download for all three sites. For now, the sites are not uploading any new content, and there is no info about when it will resume bringing new videos and games to members. All in all, a pretty cool site for cartoon sex enthusiasts.