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The TrickYourGF is a very interesting site. The videos it offers feature couples, who are at the edge of breaking up, and in all cases here, the girls were the ones who have gone astray and cheated on their man. A normal man would simply dump the cunt and look for another cock-warmer, but who said anything about these guys being normal? No, these lads are some perverted jerks, who want to avenge the girl, and they got a master plan: they cheat her into cover eyes, tie her up and then let another guy fuck them. It’s not normal, but it works. Now, before you could carried away, it’s important to clarify that the scenes here are scripted. All lads and possibly all girls are pornstars, or starlets from Europe. (The guys surely, some of them can be found on other sites). The concept of the videos is a mix of reality-porn and fantasy porn, since the videos are shot in average places (various bedrooms), but this kind of sex a is kind of dream-like. The TrickYourGF is not a standalone website. It’s a member of a site network, running by the name: DirtyFlix. There are eight sites within the network, including this one. If you register on TrickYourGF, you receive a pile of bonuses, like the full access to all videos distributed through the network sites. You will surely appreciate the regular updates, and the different niches covered in the DirtyFlix videos. All sites are offering you reality-porn, and they promise real amateurs. It seems that no one does it better than the Czech people, and when you watch the flicks you may have the feeling that these chicks are actually real amateurs. If you like the videos of TrickYourGF, you can see the reversed cuckold videos on MakeHimCuckold.

Design & Features

If you are looking at the home page of TrickYourGF, you will find it a good-looking and well-built site. The large thumbnails and the description tell you everything you need to know about the videos, and the tour offers you only that, there are no trailers available. The DirtyFlix claim to be mobile friendly, though it seems that the tour page of the TrickYourGF is not included, but among the file formats there are multiple mobile friendly formats too. The members’ zone of the TrickYourGF is not a standalone page, it’s the hub of the DirtyFlix network. It looks really good, with site news, and a lot of options to help you find a good video to watch. As for the videos, you will see that you have multiple options when you want to download one, including mobile file formats and WMV or MP4; these two offer the highest qualities. There is also an option to watch the scenes from the browser, by accessing the Flash-video stream with the embedded player. Most of the videos on TrickYourGF have picture galleries attached, and they look pretty good. You can watch them in the members’ zone (enlarging them is an option), or you may save the sets in zip files.

Girls & Videos

The network which the TrickYourGF belongs to is a reality-porn network, and the movies of this site fit into that category too, and in a way they could sorted into the fantasy porn category, because what takes place in them is something that we may have thought about when we find out the truth about our significant one. The videos are staged, and they are somewhat scripted. All videos of the TrickYourGF follow the same storyline: it comes to the guy’s attention that his bitchy girlfriend is cheating on him. He comes out with a master plan – he offer blindfolded sex to her (accepting it without thinking is also a sign of her bitchiness) and when she’s horny enough, he offers her pussy to a friend of his, who is also really eager to fuck her. Everything goes well, but the feeling of reality goes away when the girl’s eyes are freed, and instead of screaming and trying to get away from them (that would be the normal reaction) she usually asks the guy to go on with the fucking. Some of the sluttiest girls even claim that the random guy fucks much better than their boyfriend. This is the main line of the story, and since the girls can’t move, the featured positions are limited, though you can find here some nice blowjobs and anal penetration too. On the TrickYourGF you will find more than 30 scenes, and while it doesn’t seem that much, you should keep note that they are all rather long movies,: they come with a length over 20 minutes. These girls are mostly Czech cuties, and you may have seen them on other, Czech-focused sites; and in fact, the guys are also well-known on the Europe-based porn sites (especially on those that feature Czech porn). It seems that most of the models are natural beauties, and though they don’t have large breasts, they look amazingly cute, you may even believe that they are real girls, like those you meet every day. Since most of the cuties are Europeans, you can mostly find here are gorgeous Caucasians. You can fulfill your desires for interracial sex though, because in some scenes, the girl gets a black cock as a surprise, and there is also a Latino guy screwing some beauties. What these girls perform is really good, and though they look somewhat average, they are all professionals, and it’s a fact.


The videos on TrickYourGF are fun to watch, though after the blindfold is taken off the girls, the feeling of reality fades away, since a normal girl would bite and kick her way out of there, while these girls are actually encourage the lad to continue fucking. Another important thing: the videos are not in English, but they have subtitles, so you will understand what’s going on. As for the overall membership on the site, it’s a considerable deal. The membership fee is acceptable; especially if you consider that you get access the all videos of the DirtyFlix network.


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