TonightsGirlfriend Review


The TonightsGirlfriend provides the members with high quality porn fantasies, presenting this particular daydream: you are a lad, who is loaded with cash, and you are horny for some pussy. Since you are tremendously rich, you can afford not just prostitutes, but even pornstars, so you pick up the phone, and order yourself a pornstar each evening, just as normal people order a pizza. The site is a special sub-site of the NaughtyAmerica network, these kinds of pages used to refer to as a NaughtyAmerica Presents site. The TonightsGirlfriend has a collection of hardcore guy-girl action, offering you the opportunity to watch some of your daydreams made into a movie. The word ‘movie’ is quite right, since the scenes here are not just short clips of a few minutes. No, they are rather long, usually goes on for nearly an hour, and the cinematic 1080p Full-HD quality makes them even more movie-like. The videos here are all scripted, and the stories are told by the guy’s point of view, thought the style in which the videos are captured is not (only) PoV. The stories has the same line, the girl comes to the room of the guy, they talk a bit, and then she goes to the bathroom to change into the proper clothes to make the lad’s fantasy complete. Then they get it on, and fuck until he cums. There are multiple niches covered, you can find here vanilla porn niches, but there are some heavier or somewhat kinkier actions too. There is some fetish-like sex going on with the girls wearing their clothes or lingerie and stockings. Some scenes feature dominating and submissive roles played by either the guy or by the girl. The TonightsGirlfriend is a rather new site, but it’s updated regularly, and now it offers a really good amount of long Full-HD movies.

Design & Features

The home page of TonightsGirlfriend is very sophisticated, and it’s really good to look at. The soft colors, the well-placed buttons are giving a feeling that there is something very awesome waiting for you inside. If you would like to get some information, some insight about the videos you can find in the members’ zone, you have a chance to watch 3 trailers per day. When you open the site from a mobile browser you will see the same fine layout and design, and the trailers are also accessible from those smart devices (tablets and phones). The members’ zone has the same features as the tour page. Since there aren’t that much scenes, the only sorting options you get are the five categories: Vanilla, Submissive, Dominating, Kinky and Role Playing. Right now you can access over 170 full movies on TonightsGirlfriend, each offering you at least an hour of hardcore porn. The videos are available in an online form, as an MP4 video stream that you can access with the Flash-based player embedded into the site. The picture galleries offered by the site are all screen captions, but given the high quality of the videos, these are not blurry or low-res ones, they all look very good.

Girls & Videos

The movies are sorted into different categories on the TonightsGirlfriend. Since the site is run by the NaughtyAmerica, it’s only expected to find here some fantasies coming to life in the movies. Maybe that’s the main reason why the categories are called Fantasies here; you can find five of them on TonightsGirlfriend: the Vanilla Porn stands for the normal hardcore porn, where there is nothing special or kinky taking place; the guy simply fucks the soul out of the girls. The Kinky Porn fantasies are mostly covering a bit of this and that, and there are some taboos and fetishes featured, for example, in one video the guy gets a rim-job. Another category here is the Dominating Porn in which the lad rules the girl, and tells her what he wants, and the model has no other choice, but to do it. You can enjoy the situation turned in the videos that are sorted into the Submitting Porn fantasy-category, because in these scenes, the guy is the one who is dominated by the girl. In the Role Playing Porn fantasies, you can enjoy the fantasies of the fantasy guy coming true: he gets to fuck her favorite porn star, or he pays a pornstars to act like she was his best friend’s girlfriend. There are various scenarios and exciting sex taking place in the videos, and each of them has the same main storyline: the guy invites the pornstar to his place, they discuss the details and he pays her. It’s like a live cam show, but this lucky lad gets only the ‘live’ part. All models you will see in the videos of the TonightsGirlfriend are pornstars. These busty chicks are working with the NaughtyAmerica, and they do a really good job. You can see them ride and get fucked in doggy-style and in lot more, much acrobatic positions. If you look on them, you can see two main kinds: naturals and fakers. It doesn’t really matter though, because they all look good, and if you are a fantasizer, you will certainly like the natural Mia Malkova, as you like the amazing Nicole Aniston. Since the girls are all professionals, you can expect to see some very exciting performances, and though they put bit more acting in to it, they are still far away from overplaying as it’s usual in the porn industry. It’s certain that though the site is a streaming-only one, you will be satisfied with the quality and the number of the scenes too.


The TonightsGirlfriend has a fine collection of hardcore porn movies. This fantasy is very popular among the porn watchers, since who doesn’t dream about actually fucking these busty pornstars. The videos are all exclusive; you can’t watch them anywhere else. If you think that the price is too high for only one site, you should take a look around, and you can see that there sites offering less content and worse quality for this price, while on TonightsGirlfriend you can enjoy a growing collection of Full-HD porn videos.