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In Few Words

Are European hotties the kind of women that really turn you on immensely? Do their sexy white ass with that perky tits turn you on? Then guess what, you will really love what you are about the hear next because there is a porn site out there that features some of the hottest amateur porn stars. This website is called CzechFirstVideo.

We are certain that this porn sites names may ring a bell, and that is because this is the very famous porn network called Czech AV network. If you are an avid porn watcher like us, you exactly know how awesome all their porn sites are on their network. And Czech First Video is no less. It is exactly what you would anticipate. This porn site features some of the sexiest casting reels of some famous models that you may be watching right now. To know what we are talking about, just read our review to know more about it.

Site Design

Okay, we must admit that we just loved this layout and design of Czech First Video. It is not what we usually see on most porn sites. They have opted for a very simple design and layout for this porn site that we absolutely loved. So, the colors that have been used on this porn site are just great. It is mainly black with some pink around on the site. Now, even in theory these two are fantastic colors and they manage to make all the content on this porn site really stand out very well. More than the design, they have relied on their porn content to do the work for them. The thing we loved on the tour page is the collage of all the sexy images. That is the best.

Videos & Chicks

We shall begin this part of the review by talking about what is in store for you on CzechFirstVideo. So, there is a very sweet list of videos that you will get here on Czech First Video. These videos are of at least an hour long in length. So, more content for you to enjoy. These videos can be streamed on the website itself through the flash player or you can add them to your porn collection by downloading them. The format of these videos on this porn site is in an MP4 format. Even the quality of the videos you will find here is very impressive. These videos will have a resolution of 768 x 576 @ 1200 kbps.

So, now that is done and dusted with. We need to get to the better part of this review. Yes, it is the girls that we are speaking of. Absolutely every one of the bitches that are found on this porn site will leave your jaw dropped straight to the floor. We cannot even begin to tell you how hot these girls are. It is truly a sight to just watch them strip off their clothes and we can say with absolute certainty that these girls will be able to make your cock go rock hard in just a matter of a few seconds. We are not joking about this. Your hand is going to have a serious workout as soon as the porn video is turned on. You must look at these girls’ bodies. It is just going to leave you speechless. When those clothes come off, so will all your jizz too. They have such a sexy waistline, add to it those perky bazooka-like tits and a pussy that is just eagerly waiting to take in some pounding. Turned on massively, no?

So, as you know this is a casting porn website. And if you are an avid porn watcher you may have come across these kinds of videos before as well. They all have a very similar start. The potential porn stars begin by introducing themselves and stripping off their clothes and the move on to getting banged by the camera man. So, you will find this too on CzechFirstVideo, but a whole lot more than just that. It starts with them looking at the ad to become a porn star, to them coming into the studio, bathing very sexually in front of the camera, then proceeding to put on some makeup on themselves and last but not the least, get fucked by the man. That explains why they have such long videos. And worth it.

But the best part of it all, all the girls that you will find on Czech First Video are the very famous women that you watch these days in your porn videos. Yes, these videos are the casting reels of your very famous porn stars from back in the day. You can watch these girls get it on and how desperate they were to become a porn star. They do not at all mind baring it all for any of these videos. And you will see literally everything that you can imagine right here.

Long Story Short

How could you possibly be still here reading this review and not going on to Czech First Video and signing up to them right now? This porn site is hands down one of the best casting porn websites we have seen in recent times. Their Europeans hotties are really going to make you jizz in your pants so quickly. This porn site is going to become your go to the porn site for all your casting porn kind video needs.

And what’s more? When you sign up to this porn site, there is a whole lot more that you will be receiving. Yes, we are talking about some awesome bonus sites too! So, you have got your Czech Gangbang, Czech Amateurs and several others all from the Czech AV network. So, you must “Czech” them out right away! You will admit, that is very “punny”. CzechFirstVideo has no updates, check more paid porn sites with chicks.


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