Pawn Your Sex Tape

Pawn Your Sex Tape Review

In Few Words

The Pawn Your Sex Tape is a hardcore porn site, which promises juicy porn videos captured by, and sex in them performed by actual amateurs, who willingly submitted the videos in hopes that it’s so good that they will publish it and grant them the cash reward. Whether the site is actually paying or not isn’t our main concern, you have to do your own research on the topic, we are here for the videos, which are really hot by the way. When you try to do some research on the site, you will bring to light some interesting, and promising fact. For example it seems that the videos here are actually (mostly) exclusive, and you won’t find them on other sites outside this one. It’s one good point to the site. There is really much to see once you are inside, because it’s part of the Mad Porn network, and by becoming a member here, you also gain access to all videos of the network. There is nothing mad about the porn on the included sites, and they are all hardcore amateur porn videos, with some niche-like twist (like voyeur porn). Another important factor is that you can find some extra studio-porn inside too: there are third party feeds, which will grant you some extra, higher level pornography. More bonuses are available through the appropriate menu in the members’ zone, since there is a DVD library and live cam shows too, so all kinds of softcore and hardcore videos are available.

Site Design

The tour page of the Pawn Your Sex Tape will be familiar: it uses the same layout and design as many other amateur-focused websites that you may have come across already. There is a big banner on the top, and the rest of the page features some airbrushed thumbnails. And this is all the tour offers, you reach the end of the page, and you are done. Luckily, the inner section of the site is more complex. The menu on the top will let you get to the content you wish to browse really easily, and in case you are at the Mad Porn hub, a search engine and categories selection are also featured, so the best navigation tools are reachable. There seems to be a models’ database too, where you can find some of the hottest cuties listed, who can be considered as semi-professionals. Watching the videos from the members’ zone is easy. The flicks are accessible through a Flash video player, and though many of them are FLV files, some MP4 videos may also be streamed, which means that you may notice a bit better quality. In case you like to watch hardcore porn with your favorite video player without opening a browser, you will surely appreciate the offered download options. When you save the videos, you usually get MP4 files. However, you will be surely surprised to see that there are actual HD videos here, so the quality is pretty good. Maybe the photo galleries are the things which may make you believe that this is amateur content, because the self-shot pictures, and mirror captures really feel home-made. For these, Pawn Your Sex Tape offers Zip files.

Videos & Chicks

These girls knew that they were filmed, and they knew that it’s going to go online, but they didn’t care at all. Why? Because they seemingly open-minded, shameless chicks who enjoy being fucked by their man, and don’t care if anyone else sees it. They go that far, that they are happy to share. At least this is what the site’s nature makes us believe, and taking a look at the couples in these videos, it might be so. There are no duck-lips, big fake boobs here, every girl has that ‘girl next door’ feeling that makes you want to fuck them. Most of the models are Caucasians, so if you are looking for ethnic girls, you have to check the included sites. The girls are not old here, and as you will see, they are usually under 30, so their body is tight and everything is at its place. It’s a bit surprising how busty some of these girls are. One would expect only chicks with playful tits, but most of the girls have medium or big breast, so they are really hot. Though the video quality isn’t great, you can see some cute faces, and the picture sets are also worth checking if you are looking for a nice smile and a hot body. These videos just happen. They are not scripted, but since the couples shot them on purpose they endeavored to give everything into it. This way, they made home-made porn videos that have high standards and exciting sex. Since the videos come from all around, not all of them feature English language, so you won’t understand everything, but the guys act naturally, so you will know what’s going on. Naturally, every couple who ever shot a porn video want to shoot the best. So, they bought some extra stuff, which brought kinky elements into their sex life. As you will see, they use them well, and get that level excitement that one need to be able to go off with screams of pleasure. Don’t expect to see here only videos shot in shady bedrooms: these guys do it everywhere, on the beach, in the forest or in the car, so they are quite adventurous, and the in-door videos are also astonishing.

Long Story Short

You may be a bit skeptical when you first land on Pawn Your Sex Tape, and with all the scams around you are rightful to be so. However, if you give a chance to the Pawn Your Sex Tape, you will see that there are some very hot things going on. The site is filled with gorgeous amateur girls’ pictures and videos, and you can find here flicks you can’t find anyplace else. With the large amount of included bonuses, along with the network access, the site is recommended for the amateur-porn fans. The website has been closed, check more amateur porn sites to watch other couples in their private xxx clips.