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DDF Network Review

The overview of DDF

If you have ever been impressed by some site being able to provide you with thousands of porn videos and hundreds of models and pornstars, prepare to be amazed. DDF is a site that has been around for some time now. DDF really brings the term “lots of content” into a whole new level that can only be beaten by some sites that have been on the business for at least a decade more than DDF. With almost 2000 women that are ready to give all they’ve got for your entertainment and 11,000 porn videos that will blow your mind, DDF is one of the most content rich networks there is in the whole internet. The videos have been able to gather a lot attention from people all around the world. This can be speculated by the fact that they have won some really famous awards in the last couple of years that most sites can only dream of. The most impressive ones include the 1st place award in the Rice Awards in both 2012 and 2013. The site also won a prize at the Galaxy Awards in 2013.

What they have to provide

These Europeans Porn Actresses are hornier than you could ever imagine. DDF has divided its porn into thirteen different sites that have videos and images that will fulfill your wildest dreams, show your hidden fantasies and present the most incredible looking women in the surface of earth. The sites are divided to fill everyone’s preferences. Whether you love big, mature women that have worked hundreds of hours in front of camera and behind locked doors or Asian women that are prepared to make your smile jump into your ears, they really have it all covered.

But the great sides of DDF are not over yet. DDF is also providing their videos in HQ, which means that you will find all of the videos in 720p and 1080p. They also update their site in a speed that makes your head spin around. They are adding 27 new videos every single week. These videos are then divided to the sites inside the network. The frequency that they have for new videos is probably one of the best in the internet. There are a number of sites that struggle providing ten videos per week, which makes DDF even more impressive. 27 videos basically mean that DDF adds approximately four new videos every single day into their site. The update speed’s insanity is a good thing for you, since it means that in case you buy the membership, you’ll be receiving new videos in a rate that makes you have fresh content available all the time. You’ll never run out of new videos to view, which should keep you rather busy for a long time.

Accompanying the massive amount of videos are also nearly 12000 galleries filled with high quality pictures, which you’ll receive full access to with the membership. In these galleries, there are a total of over one million photos. These galleries feature a huge variety of models, situations, scenes and situations for everyone. Everything is here, from passionate blowjobs and women that crave for deep throat to the wildest BDSM pictures and fetish fulfilling shots of your favorite models. You will also get a fast, mobile friendly version which makes DDF travel everywhere with you. The content is also downloadable, which makes you able to view the content of DDF even when you are not connected to the internet. The membership is filled with lots of features that other sites are trying to slowly implement, but which are either really expensive to implement or which just can’t be put into the site for other reasons. DDF’s strengths are clearly in the fact that fast, reliable production of high quality porn is easy for them.

DDF’s biggest pros clearly come from the amount of porn clips, videos, movies and photos that are available. It would literally take you way over year to go through all of their porn collections. Also the fact that they are a network always is a positive feature, since it means that if you happen to get bored with one site, you have the chance to change to another site inside their network without problem. This means that there is a lot that the site is providing against the membership price, which is a great thing!


DDF’s membership prices are hard to describe with one sentence. Their one month plan is rather expensive, although they do provide a humongous amount of porn against the membership price, which does justify a higher price than some other sites have. Then again their twelve month payment plan is one of the cheapest that there are in the whole internet.

There are three available plans for payment: the one month access, the three month access, and the twelve month access. The one month access rebills $44.99 monthly. The cheapest plan for you is to pay for the twelve month/ one year plan, which costs $149.99 in an annually made payment. This means that you would be only paying $12.49 per month for unlimited access over the sites.

To summarize DDF

DDF is a great network with one of the biggest porn collections among the paid porn sites. Their updating frequency among the sites inside their network are one of the most impressive in the whole internet, considering that getting ten videos per week inside a network by itself is an impressive achievement for any site. The site, while being rather expensive with the monthly plan, has one of the best prices for the annual membership. This site has been closed, check our premium porn site reviews for more ideas.

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