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In Few Words

If you have been looking for the kind of site that will give you the best Czech girl-on-girl action, look no further! The sizzling content that Czech Lesbians offer will always keep you coming back for sloppy seconds. Just like you would imagine in your wildest lesbian fantasy, the scenes on the site are heavenly. However, there aren’t pairing of twos here, Czech Lesbians is all about lesbian group sex. The hard and fast action will give you a lot of pussy action. The scenes are shot around large lesbian group events, an aspect that makes the site very interesting.

Membership will grant you access to eight bonus sites and that will offer you the same kind of wild action that has been displayed on this site. The exchange of partners on the movies spices up the action. A large number of horny lesbians raging with desperation will do the trick for you. There are a couple of advertisements on the site that showcase the best of the Czech AV Network. However, this only causes minimal disruptions to your viewing. The top-notch content will leave you panting with desire. As a popular Czech site, Czech Lesbians will change your perception of lesbian sex.

There is no moment to spare, the redheads, blondes, brunettes and even whiteheads in some cases are looking to entertain you by drowning into a river of pleasure. The exclusive lesbian party videos can only be found on this site. The highly entertaining content features up to 20 lesbians in one scene. Under a network that is known for quality, Czech Lesbians has HD specifications to all its movies. They may not be of the highest HD quality but they are pretty impressive. The site clearly showcases the lust filled lives of the Czech beauties, some of whom you well know and love. You will finally understand why most people rave about taking trips to the Czech Republic. If this is the kind of treatment they get, we should make a whole continent around these sexy beauties!

Both men and women will find satisfaction to the kind of action that this site has to offer. The only thing better than waiting for two lesbians in action is watching a whole lot of them eats pussies and succumb to orgasms. If this interests you, Czech Republic will be perfect for you.

Site Design

Czech Lesbians is a relatively new site, debuting in April 2011; the site layout is pretty basic with a modern touch. However, this design mimics all the sites that fall under the Czech AV Network. The fairly simple layout is one that makes navigation a breeze. The splashy page depicts sizzling girl-on-girl group action between different types of Czech Lesbians who would give anything for some good bumping and humping. It’s not hard to discover the fine art of getting down on each other just by watching those hotties in action. The site’s pages are filled with scenes that tease you of what is in store.

The best place to get started is at the members’ area. The free tour will lead you to various previews and lesbian movie trailers that will excite you to browse through the pages. You will see a lot of heavy petting here. All the scenes include kissing, licking and sucking. The three ultimate factors get many women horny. The location sets are also diverse Czech Lesbians is not about having group sex in an enclosed apartment. There are pool parties that diversify the scenes. In some movies, a man with a camera will appear and give one of the lesbians a much-needed fucking. The site also decides to take the action a notch higher by bringing food into most of the scenes. After all, it’s all about the parties.

Access to the site is straight forward, offering different viewing and navigation options. The movies are broken down into different episodes with links that will lead you from one episode to the next. There is no better way to say it; members of the site will find it easy to get around from one point to another.

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Videos & Chicks

The sexually charged lesbian movies on Czech Lesbians revolve around the most amazing party scenes. Of course, anything that ends in an orgasm is well worth the wait. For your enjoyment, the captivating party scenes have before getting to let the lesbian models interact before getting down and dirty. It is clear that no cocks are needed here; the lesbians are capable of pleasuring each other without any help. You will be glued to the screen from start to end. There aren’t any creative or naughty titles on Czech Lesbians but the naughtiness that these models portray is all you need to turn you on. Even so, there are brief descriptions of the lesbians and what they are all about that are tagged with the movies.

There is no shortage of beauties here, these European goddesses are heinous and have an abundance of blinding boobs and asses. They often highly interact with each other and seductively touch their bouncy breasts and wet pussies to prepare for the oncoming sexual encounters. The faces really match every inch of their bodies. The site has a mix of famous lesbian Czech porn stars and a few amateurs who bring something new to each scene. Watching them in action made my pussy throb and I had to surrender. I didn’t need to masturbate in order to have an orgasm; my pants were filled with cum just by watching them. Czech Lesbians is all about fulfilling your fantasies in ways that will not disappoint.

Long Story Short

Czech Lesbians is a growing site that has 30+ movies to boast of. The amount of movies may not be as much but there are so many bonus sites to take advantage of. This is not an ordinary lesbian site; it will give you lesbian group sex in its rawness. Members can download and streaming movies through multiple options. Put your big girl panties on and brace yourself for the most riveting lesbian action. This site has no updates, check this list of top paid porn sites.


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