Open Air Pleasures

Open Air Pleasures Review

In Few Words

Most videos of the Open Air Pleasures are taking place outside the houses, just as you might have expected from such a name. What the name doesn’t tell you is that there are more than just outside-shot videos here, because some take place inside, but given the amount of anal sex the name of the site may refer to the gaping assholes that remain after the intercourse. No matter which is true, the site still offers an amazing and hot collection of hardcore porn, featuring some heavy elements too. The site is a member of the 21Sextury, which is a guarantee of high quality European porn with gorgeous girls and well-hung lads. One of the main features of this site is the photos section, where you can find solo girls doing some naked modeling outside, but naturally a huge pile of hardcore porn videos are also available. If you become a member on the Open Air Pleasures, you will be granted access to the whole 21Sextury Network, which means that you can browser nearly 30 sites from the members’ zone. Every video and photo set ever added to the site is exclusive, and there is no chance that you have been able to find them anywhere else. Except if you are already a member of the network. There are regular updates throughout the network, so in case you find someone you like, you can check her videos network-wide. As a member, you gain access the full collection of the 21Sextury, which has 12400+ movies in store for you.

Site Design

Taking the tour on the Open Air Pleasures is a quick, but satisfying experience. There are large pictures listed on the home page, and a huge banner shows the features you receive as you join. Since the tour doesn’t offer only links to the photos, you can peek into the content of some videos in the form preview clips. These are short, but arousing films. Inside you will find yourself in front of the main network-hub, and there are several menus you can use to find your way around the site. Going from top to bottom, the following options are featured: there is a main menu on the top, which offers links to the scenes’ list, the models’ index and the included websites’ list. It also shows links to the sex games, the cam shows and the promo offers. You can also find the button for your favorites’ list. Lower a search field is shown, which can help you find videos with your favorite niches. The Membership Info Panel shows which networks are included in your account. If you want, you can active any of them for more hardcore porn. On the left side of the page, the list of the 21Sextury sites is featured. You can choose any of them, and list its videos. There are no download or viewing limits, so you can enjoy the videos any time you want. Saving is the best option for quality, since it offers some HD and Full-HD files too. The photo collection is large and neat, you should check it out, and while you are at it, you can save them in zip files.

Videos & Chicks

When you have the chance to open the Open Air Pleasures, you will see that it’s a 21Sextury website, which ensures that you get here gorgeous European models and juicy hardcore porn, with kinky elements. There are only professionals in the videos of the Open Air Pleasures, and many of the girls have been in this business for quite a long time. When they start doing their thing, they do it precisely, and as they handle a cock or tease themselves, you will feel something rising too… in your pants (or in your hands, if you were already handling it). All kinds of girls are available here, but since the site is based on the resources of Europe, there aren’t so much ethnic models like on the US porn sites. However, you can find girls from almost all European countries, including those that you probably haven’t even heard of. You will surely agree with us, when we say that the Old Continent has gorgeous girls, and they are really hot dolls we all would like to fuck. It’s studio porn, and though the scenes were shot in the great outdoors, they are staged. The crew organized the stage, set up the lights, and made it sure that the sound is good too. Just as they would do in a studio. However, the main thing you will notice as a man, is that the girls are hot, the scenery is wonderful… and the sex is quite hard. The videos of the Open Air Pleasures are professionally shot. You can perceive the signs of professionalism in the actualization of the videos, but also in the sex. The girls suck like they did it all their lives, and they are really doing an excellent job. Since this porn comes from Europe, it’s only a kind of expected from it to feature some dirty and nasty elements: for example, there are scenes with double penetration, and the one on one acts also feature anal sex. Sometimes the sex gets a bit rough, but the girls enjoy that too. The videos here are quite long, most of them are over 20 minutes.

Long Story Short

The great outdoors always have something hot in store for guys like you. You can go out and play sports, go on a date, or fuck a cute chick behind the bushes. If you are lucky, some voyeur will record it, and you can become a famous nameless star. Now, given the chance to fuck with girls like the ones in the videos, it’s sure that you would be glad to be captured on video. Until that, however, feel free to browse the collection and enjoy the high quality picture and hot sex. This site has been deleted, check more pay porn sites!