Hogtied Review

In Few Words

Are you craving for some hardcore action? Yes, there are surely a lot of porn sites out there, but only a few of them get that some people, like us, just crave for something exciting and rough. Hence, if you are looking for a porn site answering to niches related to rough sex, then you will find yourself facing the problem of looking for one. We understand that these sites can be pretty rare, but fortunately for all of us, we have found a great site that caters to this need. This is the porn site, Hogtied. It is part of the prestigious Kink Network. It is the same network that brought us the most popular fetish sites like Everything Butt (that features porn videos dedicated to some hardcore anal action), Fucking Machines (a really cool porn site where the hottest girls get fucked by actual machines), and Wired Pussy (a porn site that shows hardcore action with the use of electricity), just to name a few. Now let us move on to the site’s numbers. Hogtied alone has more than one thousand and one hundred shoots, which is equivalent to almost six hundred fifty hours of straight porn enjoyment. Aside from the videos, you may also enjoy almost two hundred thousand high-quality images. And that’s just the Hogtied site alone. The entire Kink Network offers thousands of videos and photos more, especially with five channels made up of more than forty sites to choose from. If you are already thinking of joining Hogtied, then we are pleased to tell you that joining the site is really easy with three simple steps. The entire sign up process will just take a few minutes.

Site Design

The website design of this porn site is very sleek and simple with a classy black theme. Upon landing on the homepage, you will see a simple welcome banner, and below that, you will already see the latest video that they have uploaded. This part is pretty cool and offers five free video previews for those who have not signed up for membership yet. In this way, you will already get the general idea of what you are going to sign-up for. You will see that their videos are in high definition, and they were all shot inside a state of the art studio. In fact, you can even book for a tour to see the studio itself. All of the equipment that they use to produce these videos are high quality as well, ensuring that the all of the media that they offer (both the videos and their pictures) are clear and crisp and in high resolution. There is no need to worry during downloading and streaming, though, because this porn site also has really fast servers. Going back to the video features, the video preview also comes along with more information about the scene like the title and the date when the video was uploaded. Aside from that, you will also get to see the names of the porn stars included in the scene, the rating of the video, and its length. Finally, you will also get to read a short synopsis of what the video is going to be about. In this way, you will already know if you are going to be interested in watching the said scene, even before you start loading it for streaming or downloading. Scrolling down, the next thing that you are going to see are more thumbnails, only this time, these are more simple, showing only the title, the date of upload, the name of the porn stars included, and the five-star rating.

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Videos & Chicks

One of the best things that we love about this porn site is its varied selection of girls. They don’t actually have a certain nationality or type of beauty in focus. With that being said, you will get to see a lot of different beauties here with different assets: from blonde beauties with big boobs to hot Latinas with long legs. The real charm of this porn site though is the fact that the beauties that you are going to see here really love being tied up. Yes, they are into this type of rough sex as well, so the pleasure that you will be seeing in the videos? They are all one hundred percent real. Nobody obliged them to do it. Sure, they were paid for doing these videos, but they sincerely enjoy it because they are into it too. Now, allow us to talk about some of our favorite videos on the site. The first video features the total hottie, Bianca Breeze. Man, this lady sure got tied up tight! As if it couldn’t get any more hardcore than that, we soon started seeing some double penetration. A few minutes later, she was cumming multiple times. And once we thought that it was the most hardcore video that the site has to offer, the next video showed two of the hottest porn stars, Phoenix Marie and Abella Danger, all tied up with one of them even suspended in midair!

Long Story Short

Overall, if you really enjoy this type of porn, then you will surely not regret signing up for Hogtied. What we recommend though is for you to explore the entire network as well, because if you have enjoyed Hogtied, then the chances are, you’re going to enjoy their other porn sites too! Not only that, Kink Network surely has a lot of things in store for their members in the future. One of their newest sites, Kink VR is going to be one of the pioneers in the porn industry showing porn videos which can be watched through virtual reality devices like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Cardboard. This is truly a porn site of the future.