Vipissy Review

In Few Words

There are times when if sex is not dirty and nasty it is not good. There are times when you just want to do anything to your lover that helps show them how much you love them. Some acts may be considered taboo but they do happen. Imagine pissing for example. There are many people who will be happy to have their lover pee on them during sex. However, most people are too conservative they will not go that far for fear of what their partner’s reaction will be. Yes, that is how uptight we all are in our love making. We have a fantasy we will really love to live but then societal; expectations hold us back so we can’t really be free. However, porn allows us a place to live our fantasies without worrying about whether someone loves it or not. With porn, we may not take part in the action but at least from watching, we gain satisfaction in different ways. That is why if you really have a fantasy for people pissing on each other during sex, you can head to Vipissy to get entertained. You will find girls gobbling down piss as if it was the water of life. If you are one who has this kind of fantasy, you will be shaking in your chair as you watch the actions on screen. The videos are many and the models are so believable you will find it easy to get turned on. Apart from all the pissing that is going on in the website the dirty talking is another thing that will take you to levels you never dreamt of. You will be so hard as you hear the girls beg for piss. They practically beg for it and are happy as it is splashed all over their faces and some dribbles down their throat. The sheer delight on their faces as they receive their reward is enough to get you cumming endlessly. However, you really wouldn’t be getting all this fun and living your fantasy if you only stay as a visitor on the site. For all the full length videos that are sure to get you hard each time, you have to become a member by clicking on the join tab and filling in your personal details. Once your membership is confirmed, you will be on your way to enjoying some of the dirtiest scenes in porn.

Site Design

The design of Vipissy is fairly detailed. Just from the look, it is clear that a lot of thought was put into the design. The home page has a header which uses flash pictures. On this header you can find pictures of a guy pissing into the mouth of a model, there are also pictures of a girl pissing while her friend tries to collect some of it. Above the header is the main menu that includes; models, updates, galleries and trailers. The models tab takes you to the models page where you can meet the different models on the site. You can browse models by their names, by recent girls and by most favorite girl. You can also click on the filter tab to filter the girls. If you want to view all the models, then you can click on the all tab. On the updates tab you will find the latest additions to the site. You can decide to watch updates according to categories. Categories include boys, cheers and lesbian. Otherwise you can decide to click on show all to view all updates from the different categories. If you will love to know more about what goes on in the videos, you can click on trailer to watch or download some sample HD videos. Most of the rest of the home page is covered with picture links to recent updates and popular videos on the site
The site is very user friendly and interactive. It is also very safe and secure to use as there is no chance that your personal data will be compromised. Also downloading videos from the site is very easy thanks to the very good download speed. As an added bonus, the site is well adapted for use on all devices.

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Videos & Chicks

The models on this site are all very fresh and daring. Most of them are in their early twenties. They are mostly slim with perky boobs. They are willing to experiment and drinking piss or being washed with piss is not a problem for them. You will find a girl like Barbe a 20 year old model from Czech Republic. She features in a video titled “I can’t wait”. In this video, she and her friends pleasure themselves until they start pissing. They collect the piss in glasses and drink as if they were tasting the finest wine. Then there is 21 years old Goldie from Ukraine whose specialty is pissing in endless streams. The videos are shot in high definition and include different themes. There are videos were girls are pissing on girls and there are videos where boys are pissing on girls. The videos are grouped into categories that include; boy-girl, cheers and lesbian. Most of the full length videos last a total of 29 minutes but these are only available to those who have registered as members. As a member, you can rate a video after watching and leave a comment too.

Long Story Short

Pissing may not be a popular niche in porn but it does exist as there are people who have this kind of fantasy. For such people, Vipissy is bringing to them exclusive content that cannot be found anywhere else on the web. Vipissy is a website where you will find all the pissing action when it comes to porn. The site is well designed and arranged making it user friendly even to an internet novice. There is a huge database of pissing videos that is only available to those who sign up to become a member.