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In Few Words

How often do you watch porn? Quite often of course. But doesn’t there come a point often when we get rather bored of the same old act? Most porn videos online are the same thing. There is just a whole lot of fucking and fucking alone. Most of it is just mindless fucking that keeps happening repeatedly. What is worse is this even looks very mechanical over the course of time. When you take away emotions from something as intimate as having sex, it all just looks very fake and overly mechanical. Most porn videos are the same, they mainly focus on the girl. In fact, almost all of them also begin the very same way, with the girls showing off their big and obviously fake boobs and their pussies that have been fucked over and repeatedly. Have you ever thought how often do you see a man in a porn video? Almost never, not if you are counting looking at his cock alone as looking at the whole of him. These guys are barely visible in the porn videos. Mainly all you will see is their cocks or you will see at the most their torsos. These seriously puts things into perspective. Have you ever wondered whether are these the kind of videos that women are looking for? Most likely no. Many of these porn videos are made keeping in mind what would turn on a man. Seldom do adult entertainment companies even think of what a woman is looking for. So, what do you do then if you want something different and something more? Well, in that case presenting to you JoyBear.

JoyBear is a creation from a London-based production house. This is not a porn site but is a high-end erotic movie website. What caught our attention is that all the content they create is not targeted towards men alone but are also targeted to women as well. And the obvious fact that will come across when you visit this website and watch the porn video is that not just are the women alone given attention in the videos, but so are the men. These men in these videos are gorgeous. And the movie here is not only about the fucking, they also have a storyline as well as a script. This website is so popular that it has been mentioned in Cosmopolitan, Esquire, The Times and the CNN. That is how well known JoyBear is. Apart from that, this website has also won multiple awards. One of them is the ‘Good for Her’ feminist porn award. Isn’t that cool? This is a website to give your time to. Continue to read further as we review this website.

Site Design

We tried very hard to find fault with the website or even something that we disliked, however, we as much as we hate to admit, we found literally nothing. Everything about the website is just too cool and very elegant. The moment you step into the website, you will feel exclusive. They have put a lot of thought into this website and it is very evident from the way they have executed it. Also, they clearly had a very talented team of designers too and had to spend a lot of pounds to develop this website. We loved the colors that they have used on this website. It takes the website up a notch. Everything about the colors they have used manage to make the website cool and elegant. The colors they have used are black and the font is in gold. Even when you read about these colors, you will realize how elegant they are. The two colors are a fantastic combination and make the content accentuate.

The tour page of this website is marvelous. It opens with a video teaser of the erotic videos they have, and might we say how incredibly sexy that is. It follows with a welcome note from the developer and further down is linked to different videos that are available on the website. We must say we have not come across a website like this for a while now, and we are taken away with this website.

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Videos & Chicks

Your jaw will drop right down to the floor when you see the line up of all the men and women they have on their website. Literally, all of them are smoking hot and sexy. They have a well-known line up of models in the arsenal. In fact, if you are an avid porn watcher, you will be familiar with quite a few of them. Such as Emma Leigh, Hannah Shaw, Sienna Day and much more amongst the women. And on the men’s list, we have Ryan Ryder, Billy King, Max Deeds and several others. They have the perfect Greek god body, along with a humongous cock which is so thick and juicy looking that you wouldn’t wait to grab hold of it and taste all its precum and spread your legs to get pounded real hard.

The videos on the website are all available for download in an MP4 format. These videos have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels at a rate of 6000 kbps. And there are over a hundred and fifty movies on this website. Also, if you do not wish to download, then you also have the option to directly stream the video online with the help of the embedded flash player.

Long Story Short

To end this review, we would like to say is that there is a very low chance that you will find content like this anywhere online. And add to the fact that they have the best lineup of men and women out there on the internet along with the fantastic service, it is the deal of a lifetime, which you seriously suggest you should take advantage of.



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