18AndAbused Review

In Few Words

The 18AndAbused looks quite promising, and the pictures on the home page show you the basic idea about what you could find in there. As a member of the 18AndAbuse, you have the option to access this series’ hardcore videos, along with a lot of other scenes, covering several different niches. When you become a member here, you become a member of the big and sexy collection website called VideosZ. All the flicks you see listed on the 18AndAbused are coming from this site’s collection, and as they say, “there is more where they came from”.

The VideosZ is one of the oldest online porn providers, and it was one of the first sites of this industry: it’s among the first online DVD archives! It has been online for more than ten years, and the crew behind it was quite busy… and they are still really busy, so you can expect to find here a lot of porn and there is more coming literally every day. The VideosZ gets its porn from different sources, which means that there is a really good variety of styles and actions, but it also forecasts the fact that the content is not exclusive. However, as with most of the DVD collection sites, the volume of the porn is more than you could handle, and the site will keep your hands busy for many weeks, months or even years to come. Actually, it could take more than 2 years to watch all videos of the VideosZ.

Site Design

As you open the website, you will see a simple listing. The porn videos of the 18AndAbused are listed in a few rows, and you can browse a few pages of this list. There isn’t much to do here, so you should get in and see what you can find. The 18AndAbused shares the members’ area with the VideosZ or we could say it uses the same one. This means only good things because you have the option to select genres, DVDs, and on the content listing page you can find additional filters. Our favorite is the HD filter: you can toggle to show only the HD scenes, and that’s a great thing. You can search through the content by keyword or model name, and we think DVD title could work too.

It’s only natural that a porn website grants you online and offline viewing options. On the 18AndAbused you will be able to enjoy the videos of this list using a Flash player, which accesses mostly MP4 files. The download speeds are quite good, and in case you are here for HD porn, you should go with the download options: the downloaded files look better and play more smoothly. If you want, you can view all videos on your mobile device too.

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Videos & Chicks

We have to give them that, the guys who put together the list of the 18AndAbused really took their time to pick really the hardest scenes of the big collection they have. The girls here are cute and we can only say this: the name of the site isn’t exaggerating as the girls are truly fresh and they really get their share of misuse! If you open the tour page of this collection, you will see right away that there are many pretty cuties in the videos… and also the thumbnails show that there is some actually heavy porn. So, there are mostly professional and semi-professional porn stars or starlets here, and about 90% of them are naturals.

As you are going to find out if you there are girls from all around the globe. Just to mention some examples: there is a Czech chick by the name of Tanya. She is a cute, natural blonde girl, and she is featured in 12 scenes on this network. She always performs hardcore sex, but she also did some hot lesbian sex too! But, there is Trinity Post as another example. She is a redhead, and she has a hot, truly flexible body. Trinity Post is from the United States, and after she debuted in porn, she stayed. At the time of our review, the network behind this site has 100 scenes of her, featuring this hot cunt in heavy hardcore actions like interracial sex, anal sex, monster dildo porn, and creampies!

As you see there are lots of things happening in the videos of the 18AndAbused. The girls’ appearance will get you in the mood, and we are quite certain that you will love to watch them getting banged hard. Most of the videos were shot for DVD publishing purposes, so it’s not a surprise that there are many older scenes too. And though not everything is about HD here (the main focus is on the volume), the videos are watchable and we found the older scenes much exciting: the lower resolution gave a nice kinky feeling to the shots… they simply don’t feel so sterile. As far as the performed actions are concerned, let’s see: we have seen many videos with double vaginal penetration, and a few flicks also have double anal penetration too. The lesbian scenes are not soft either, there are huge dildos in use, and fisting happens a lot too. Actually, we have to say that you will find her everything you might think of when you see the site’s name.

Long Story Short

On the 18AndAbused you can access a lot of sweet porn videos with hot cunts and hard sex. Even though the collection is not exclusive, the overall selection, the hard, sometimes rough porn will keep you entertained and horny for some time. The videos here are not exclusive, but they are hot and they are all here, so you don’t have to search for them anywhere else. The 18AndAbused together with the VideosZ is a fine porn site with some hot porn for you.