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In Few Words

When you open the MomAndAbused, you will notice two things: there are hot MILFs and fresh moms on the pictures, and as far as it could be told, the action is really hard. At first glance, the site really gives you what you might expect from its name. We are positive about the site, and though we know that it’s just a front that was made to make you join the VideosZ big collection, it would stand the storms of time on its own too.

When we last checked, the MomAndAbused had 639 scenes listed: you can view the number of videos assorted on this site on VideosZ main page. This is a good number and would make the MomAndAbused a considerable site even it was a standalone porn provider. However, you get much more. The VideosZ access is really worth the membership, because you get more than 105,000 scenes from 10,000+ different DVDs. As you can see, the MomAndAbused is just a fraction of the overall selection, and rest assured: there are more heavy hardcore videos on the list than the MomAndAbused offers.

The video database’s size, however, is quite convincing, so there is no point in skipping this opportunity. Updates are coming in daily, and there are many nasty heavy hardcore videos for you here.

Site Design

The MomAndAbused is a tube-like listing, where you can see the hottest porn scenes’ thumbnails shown. You may not find it convincing enough, but let us tell you: once you are in, you will never want to leave! After joining, you will land on the main members’ area of the MomAndAbused. There is the main menu located on the top: from this, you can reach some assorted lists based on different niches, you could list the DVDs or the Scenes.

Also, there is a models’ database with some basic info on the girls, and all their scenes listed. If you have something particular in mind, you could use the search engine to find what you would like to watch. The MomAndAbused itself has only a handful of HD scenes listed. However, if you look at the big picture (meaning the big site) you can see that the amount of higher quality scenes is good, and it’s improving consistently. As you might expect from such a large website, the MomAndAbused (the VideosZ) grants you the chance to watch the scenes in your browser, or download them for later viewing. It’s you who can decide which method you prefer. However, when it comes down to HD videos, we would recommend the site’s download offers: they grant better playback when saved.

As you will see, the members’ area is mobile friendly, and since the site is a videos-only portal, you can’t find here any photos, only some screen captions.

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Videos & Chicks

The MomAndAbused has some heavy porn for you, and if you like to watch MILFs getting their fair share of excitement and some misuse, you will surely enjoy exploring this collection. As you open the site, you can see on the tour page’s thumbnails that the models here are amazingly hot, and the action – as far is it could be depicted from the pictures – is quite hard. As you might expect, the models of the MomAndAbused are all professionals, and they seem to enjoy being in the middle of the action. Since the site has porn from all around the world, you can expect to find here some of the famous MILFs from the United States, showing their skill and large fake boobs. However, those who prefer natural appearance would like it here too: there are many US and European MILFs with natural shapes… and some of them has surprisingly nice cleavage! As you will see these women are coming from different age groups, which makes the models’ list excitingly varied, and apart from the different appearance and age, there are several ethnicities present. It will prove very easy to find a chick mom or real mature MILF you might like to watch in hardcore action.

The videos are quite what you would expect from a site with such a name. Every scene is made in a studio environment, and they are written, captured and performed by professionals. This ensures the high level of quality both in the areas of the action and of the video. Basically, there is always hardcore sex in the videos, however, the intensity and the side-acts provide a fine level of excitement and variety. There are many videos with a bit rough hardcore sex, or just they take place in strange locations, and the women are just kind of standing the siege, though they didn’t really want it (as per their role). There are, however, meaner shots where the guys are practically making the women to serve their needs, making them perform blowjobs, deepthroat blowjobs and anal sex. The next level of videos are the ones with fetishes: MILFs banged by multiple guys (there is a DVD featuring a bukkake and fucking session with 50 guys), different tool insertions, including some wooden rods and dildos. There are some lesbian videos too, but the most common action covers straight hardcore and heavier niches. Overall, the scenes of the MomAndAbused listing are really hot, and they definitely worth watching.

Long Story Short

The MomAndAbused is one of the many teaser sites of the VideosZ. The pictures listed on its home page tell a lot about the content, and we are quite sure that you will come to the same conclusion as we did: the MomAndAbused has that kind of content you expect from it. Juicy and heavy hardcore porn with hot MILF-aged porn stars. Naturally, as a bottom line, we will say that the VideosZ is a recommend porn collection, and one of the biggest deals you could find online!



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