Man Royale

Man Royale Review

In Few Words

At the Man Royale, you can enjoy a fine selection of delicate porn videos, with hot gay sex. These guys are going hard on each other, and though there is a classy feeling of the whole collection, the lads go down dirty. There are many fantasies covered in here, and though it’s a mainstream site, the collection will certainly entertain you for a long time. This paid porn site launched during 2012. It has approximately 200 hardcore scenes for you, which is quite large, especially if you consider the monthly update schedule. It looks like the site is still active, which is quite a good thing, because there are just too much frozen porn sites online. These scenes aren’t just great in quality and content, but their length is also considerable, because they come out with an average of 30 minutes. Since the update schedule is kept, it’s quite certain that the quality will go beyond 1080p eventually and the future seems to be really bright. Naturally, the site isn’t alone in the online gay porn business. It has the GayRoom network behind. This also means that that you are going to get your hands on some hot extras. The first bunch of bonuses we should mention are the network sites which you gain access to just by joining the Man Royale. These included sites cover several niches, though don’t expect anything too hard since it’s a mainstream network. Apart from the network sites’ content, you gain access to live feeds and some extra galleries of video captions. The network distributes unique content, and though some claims that there might be some shared content between the sites, the major content is unique, and you can’t find them anywhere else.

Site Design

The Man Royale looks really good. Probably the first impression you get from the site is that it’s simple, yet professional. There is a menu on the top, and in fact, that’s all the navigation you can use in the members’ area. As a visitor, you can enjoy five short clips, serving as preview of the content. When you are done with the tour, you should head to the members’ area. Inside, the simple layout of the outer page continues to be present, and while you are browsing through the collection, you might get the impression that it’s a bit too simple. Nevertheless, you can find the videos easily, and that’s the main goal of navigating through the site. The movies here are all available for in-browser viewing. It’s possible through the embedded player which opens at every video. In case you are looking for downloadable hardcore gay porn, you are at the right place. Both viewing methods offer HD playback, but as you might expect, the downloadable files offer Full-HD resolution too. Mostly MP4 and WMV files are granted for downloading. There are big photo and video caption galleries too, and you can save them all in zip format, and they are all in high resolutions.

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Videos & Guys

The Man Royale really focuses on high quality, in the matter of guys and sex too. The site has a fine collection of guys, who look excellent, and do a great job when it comes to pleasing other guys. As far as the models’ list’s nature is concerned, you can rest assured that you get here only the best newcomers and porn stars. These guys know what to do in order to make the other grow hard, and to entertain the viewers. For example, there is this handsome cutie, Andy Taylor. This well-hung Caucasian represents the newest generation of gay porn stars. Though he could easily fit as a twink, his nicely chiseled, masculine body makes him into a real wonder. He isn’t the big, worked-out gym rat type, he is rather the carefully sculpted guy, who looks so great, that girls surely look after him on the streets. But, Andy is just an example of the finest pieces of this site’s database. The rest of the guys are similar to him, but there are actual twinks among them, and a few older blokes also appear. Well, the ManRoyale isn’t too bad when it comes to videos. It’s a fantasy-focused porn site which offers every viewer a unique experience with every scene. The videos are all telling a story, or rather have a main situation – usually an everyday one – which features two guys. Now, as usual, there is always something in the air, and these guys can’t keep their hands off from each other, and they do a very bad job in keeping their cocks in their pants too. So, the guys get on with pleasing and teasing quite quickly. The stories are not much, only the clothes, the stage and the short dialogues help with clarifying the background of the situation. When the guys are totally naked, they take turns in fucking each other. It seems that most of the boys on the Man Royale are versatile, but as you will see in some of the scenes, there are some who prefer to be top, so he don’t get his ass fucked. It’s rare, but happens sometimes. Every video features protection – the guys all use condoms. It’s up to you to decide if it’s unfortunate or not, but we would say that this site has very hot porn videos for your entertainment.

Long Story Short

If you enjoy gay porn, you might like the collection of the Man Royale. These scenes are all hot, and they offer the viewers high-quality porn scenes with a whole lot of hot guys and amazing sex. The Full-HD videos look great, and in fact, these videos are even looking glamorous, so it’s certain that you will like to browse them. The site has great content, and it could do fine on its own, but with the network access the numbers are much bigger, which make the site to be a warmly recommended gay porn portal.