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Dads Fuck Lads Review

In Few Words

Dads Fuck Lads is not a website that goes over the top to bring to you third-grade action that will hardly make a difference in your sexual life. No way! Dads Fuck Lads is excitement, it’s surprise, entertainment and even the comfort of knowing that the world is filled with crazy perverts just like you. The sexual scenes on Dads Fuck Lads revolve around the concept of grumpy dads getting down with fresh faces and amateurs who may not have any experience being in front of a camera, let alone getting fucked by a mature man. This is why this gay fetish site brilliantly entertains.

Given the site’s name, I bet that it won’t come as a surprise when you see some old wrinkly cocks sliding into tight asses. But wait, the aspect of entertainment is truly limitless, the site also showcases blowjobs, fingering and even scenes that show these dads oiling up the fresh butts and getting them ready for action. If this sounds exciting to you, then you will not want to miss a second of the action. Dads Fuck Lads is typically not a big website. On the contrary, it is limited but it delivers high-quality content. The site only has about 24 scenes and a gallery that hold 2 sets of pictures. But this should not discourage you from joining this sexy platform. The action that you will be previewed to does not even compare to what you have previously seen on other third-grade gay adult sites.

Dads Fuck Lads gets an A+ for entertainment. In order to get these amazing movies, you have to stream or download them. If you are anything like me, you have obviously had a couple of wet dreams about riding an older cock. While my gay desires always urge me to get down and dirty with the best-looking Twinks, it does not hard to break the rules sometimes. The best thing about Dads Fuck Lads is that it goes out of the norm to offer you true best-looking ever, do not think that the older guys doing the fucking here are grandpas, they simply have about a ten to twenty year age gap between them and the fresh faces.

The members of the site get plenty of extras such as a free access pass to a similar site called FreshSX. This is coupled with video feeds, a live cum-show and archived performances that will take you back to when the site was created. The additional material makes membership on the site really worthwhile and in case the site has any shortcomings, the extras more than makeup for it.

Site Design

Taking a tour of the site is the best way to spend time with Dads Fuck Lads. Not only will you be able to enjoy the action in the best way but you will also be able to discover that this site has more than movie previews to recommend it. On the homepage, you will see updates to the latest movies and pictures. Here, you will be able to see all the recently updated movies and choose where to start by popularity. The updates are dated and you can tell that the site’s last update was back in 2014. If members are interested in participating directly on the site, there is a link where they can apply to be a model. Dads Fuck Lads will surely give you the best introduction to this world of pleasure.

The movies are of HD version and you are at liberty to either play them directly or download them for viewing at your own personal time. The movies also come with clips that will give you a sneak peak to what the full-length movie holds. There are limited download options but the galleries are totally impeccable. Dads Fuck Lads has an outstanding user interface that will make it easy for you to get from place to place in search for the content that pleases you. Members should also make the most of the site’s features as they make access to the content really convenient.

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Videos & Guys

The guys on Dads Fuck Lads are really into the hardcore action. There is nothing that excites them more than the idea of getting their cocks deep into each other and humping hard to orgasm. Let’s start with the dads… these are muscled mature men who have screwed more buttholes than you can care to count all through their years of existence. They have all their muscles bulging out, therefore, you can tell that most of them have had good work out sessions. Some are bald, others have a full head of grey hair while the rest have tattoos to show off. They are not as old as you typically imagine, on the contrary, they are just old enough to make any fresh face lose his mind. Those with facial hair are really rough around the edges, they are the jocks of this site.

If you look keenly, you will be able to see some porn regulars like Dillon Dock and Christian Torrent. It does not get any better than this. The fresh faces are mostly British Twinks who are still finding their sexual footing in the industry. It looks like most of them may be indulging in the sex scenes to gain experience, not popularity. They are equally gorgeous and have cocks that easily make you go wild with desire. The best fresh faces are Aaron Cage, Luke Desmond, and Kieron Knight. Most of them have uncut cocks. If you are a porn lover, you know that this warrants amazing action.

Long Story Short

There are so many things to love about Dads Fuck Lads. The exclusive content and the daddy-fresh face pairings make the entertainment on its viewing pages really worthwhile. Even though downloads are limited to only four movies in a day, you should still dedicate your free time to finding out what the site has to offer. You will not regret it.