Bear Films

Bear Films Review

In Few Words

The hottest, hairy bears in the porn industry come together in Bear Films to give you amazing entertainment. When an exceptional porn site comes together like this, it’s not an everyday occurrence, therefore, you need to cherish every moment of enjoyment that the site credits you. The bear site is the real thing, it does not have any actions, and these bears are really authentic and enjoy pounding one another in front of the camera. When you have been watching too many movies that are about the same kind of action, Bear Films will give you a well-deserved break. Bear Films is a production company on its own thus the site is not on any network. As the company has all the filming resources and expertise, they go above and beyond to bring you content from a memorable site. The site is not known for a specific genre of sex. Instead, it focuses on general entertainment that comes with enthusiastic sex scenes. The site’s pride mainly lies in smooth video streaming and the provision of scenes with the best kind of clarity. The quality that the site comes with is clearly indispensable. Bear Films is not new, on the contrary, it has been around for a couple of years and while many ‘bear’ sites claim to be genuine in everything that they provide, the authenticity of the hairy bears on Bear Films is too hard to deny. The bears here are worth your buck. Bear Films does not focus a claiming to have the best only for you to log in and find some 200-pound guy with a few hair on his chest, Bear Films knows that their proof lies in their pudding. I must say, it’s really good pudding, metaphorically speaking. The site mostly shines in the provision of content that features big-bellied hairy bears. Trust me, when you see them, you will die and go to the sky then come back again. It’s like these guys took weeks of eating hundreds of buffets to maintain their differently-shaped bellies. If you do not think that this is attractive, wait till you get in on the action. Bear Films strives to create a community portal where bears around the world will not only enjoy the good sexual content but will also interact through ongoing events in the bear community. In case you cannot attend these events, the site will preview you the best pictures of what took place and what you missed. Yes, Bear Films takes entertainment very seriously. The site has 455+ scenes that offer 30 categories of good bear sex. There are several updates that are added to the site in a pleasure week and the site accounts for 30+ hours of viewing pleasure on a weekly basis. If you are an avid porn lover this is a lot of time to site and see what is behind the screen. The site’s producers thought it best to also ensure that you can do some good erotica reaching by including a section of well-written stories from exceptional adult writers. These are found on the site. This and more makes BearFilms as a site that you really have to be part of.

Site Design

Members of the site can log on to the site and navigate through specific browsers. These include Windows Media Player and QuickTime. The general design of the site is intuitive as it strives to give you exactly what you need from its pages. The members’ area holds a good number of older to newer videos, each having varying quality. You can always go for full-screen scenes without losing the quality. The videos are streamed but if you want to download, you have to pay. Thus, many users go for the previous option. The site has over 650 pictures are sharp and of good resolution. Apart from the sexy nude pictures, the site also has 170 other picture sets that feature different bear events.

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Videos & Guys

The bears on Bear Films will either make you sweat because you can no longer withstand the action or jerk off because if you do not, you will end up having blue balls. The content is this good. The bears are really hairy and they make the best part of the site. They range from trim offers, those with really big bellies and even amateurs. There are also pornstars like Jay Ricci, Tony Banks, Gunner Scott and Mark Angelo. These bears do not know how to get down in focus, they either treat you to solo acts or group sex scenes like you have never seen. One thing is for sure, they are not the fresh faces that you know, and they are way beyond experienced, especially because they have been around for a long time. The action usually starts with the kissing and then it transitions to cock sucking and ball rubbing. After this, you know that you will be able to see a lot of fucking and some facial cum action. This is all that the bears need to be ready for action. They do not care about ultimate satisfaction, on Bear Films, only quick moments of getting off counts. Even if you are as straight as an arrow, you will get turned on by the threesomes and foursomes that you will find on the site. Apart from being adorned in some sexy costumes, you will also be able to see tattooed bears getting down and dirty. They employ whips and chains to spread apart, nothing is impossible. The action usually takes place in the indoors and the outdoors.

Long Story Short

Bear Films is not all about watching hairy bears creaming big bellies. No, sir! The content is versatile enough to bring a lot of sexual diversity into your life. The bears are on point and they are unique performers that you hardly see today. It’s no wonder Bear Films is one of the largest entertainment portals on the internet.