The Upper Floor

The Upper Floor Review

In Few Words

The Upper Floor is a website like none that you have ever seen before. This website is all about domination and submission in its purest form. Everything about this website is hardcore and definitely not for the faint of heart.

Site Design

The Upper Floor is a part of the Kink network so it has a very similar design to all the other websites in the network. Everything about all the websites in the Kink network is very sexy and sensual, from the color scheme to the content. One feature that makes The Upper Floor very different is the fact that you can only stream the videos as downloading is not permitted even to members. The tour section of the website gives visitors a very good idea of the content on the site and leaves little to the imagination. The images are very descriptive and vivid and the video previews are simply stunning and show snippets of scenes in the videos that are simply jaw dropping.
Since we are talking about a BDSM website the design and layout of the site plays into that theme and gives the website a dark and mysterious feel that sometimes makes you feel almost like you are in a dungeon waiting for the master or mistress of the dungeon to bring the slave they chose for that day out for you and start the discipline training.
The mobile version of the site, to be honest, is not as nice as the desktop version. It is a really good site as far as mobile sites go, however because of the nature of mobile sites in themselves and the way they are designed to work a lot of the amazing details of the full-scale site are lost. That being said, for its intended purpose it does the job well.

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Videos & Chicks

Unless you are comfortable with a hardcore domination of the mind as well as the body, this website is most definitely not for you because The Upper Floor is all that and more. When it comes to this exceptional website the sex plays only a part of the experience since we are talking about BDSM because BDSM is a lifestyle.
What is very interesting about The Upper Floor is that the videos are structured as episodes of a series that develops and evolves over time, with a story line and characters that grow before your very eyes so that gives you every reason to keep a close eye on The Upper Floor.
The entire website is inspired and based on the highly successful French erotic novel The Story of O and in case you were not familiar with it, it is the story of a hot woman who finds happiness through unconditional submission to her master and all the videos on The Upper Floor are much the same. The videos include anal, oral, whipping, caning, domination, gangbangs and facials, in other words, pretty much everything you could ask for and the girls featured in the videos come in all shapes and sizes.
Currently, there are over 423 videos that are around 40 minutes long each and as previously mentioned are available for streaming only. Additionally, there are as many galleries of pictures on the website as there are videos, each containing around 120 high-resolution pictures.

Long Story Short

The Upper Floor is definitely a must see for any BDSM enthusiasts, be they the Dom or the sub so if you are in the lifestyle or even considering becoming a part of the BDSM community then this site is an absolute must.