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MoneyTalks is the site of the RealityKings network, and in the scenes found on this site, it’s true that money talks and dog barks. In the videos on the site, you can watch hardcore porn action performed by mostly amateurs (but you can find porn stars here too). MoneyTalks has a good collection of videos, showing real-life persons talked into flashing tits and asses and couples fucking in a back of a car.

MoneyTalks is member of the RealityKings network, which means that you can expect real persons doing hardcore stuff in front of the camera for some cash. RealityKings has over 38 sites that you can access with you membership on MoneyTalks. As you log into your membership area, you will find out that you have touched something awesome. There are nearly 10,000 scenes that you can access from one page, so you don’t even have to visit each individual site. RealityKings is an internet-based porn company, most of their content is made for the online audience, but since it has grown rather large in the last few years, it even started (with the BangBros Network) a TV channel, which can be reached via dish, Direct TV and Video on Demand.

The network sites are covering a wide range of porn niches. You can find couples, threesomes and group orgies, even gangbangs. There is a large selection of girls too: Caucasians, Blacks, Latinas and Asians all appear throughout the sites and you can find sites dedicated to Latinas for example, like the 8thStreetLatinas. There is pussy fucking, anal penetration, and you can watch scenes of blowjobs and creampies alike. Anyone who likes certain parts of a woman body will surely find something tasty on RealityKing sites: booby-lovers will certainly like the BigNaturals, but those who are into booty, can find their niche on RoundAndBrown, MonsterCurves and 40InchPlus.

Site Design

When you access the membership area on MoneyTalks, you have the opportunity to view the scenes of the site or take a look at the picture galleries. There are nearly 200 scenes, only on MoneyTalk, and each has a corresponding gallery, with photos and screen captures. Most flicks are made in HD, but standard definition scenes are also available. You have two options when it comes to the videos: view or download. If you want to watch the scenes right away in your browser, you can do so, even in high-definition. The embedded player is Flash-based, and the stream is strong and fast. As for saving you have two options MP4 or Windows Video (WMV) in various resolutions. To maintain sustainability of the sites RealityKings had a daily download limitation implemented: you can save 50 flicks a day, which is quite good, since there are sites out there which allows only five or ten scenes for download.

The picture galleries are matching the scenes, and you can either view or save them. Not all RealityKings sites have photo galleries, but you still have over 8000 sets to watch. The layout of the main site might be familiar, since it follows the main scheme of the RealityKings network. There is a menu located on the top of the page, and you can reach from there the MoneyTalkGirls, AllRKGirls and you can join or log-in.

Naturally there is a Home button to prevent you from getting lost on the site. If you take the tour, you have a limited amount of trailers you can view, but they are rather long, instead of the 30-60 second trailers you can encounter on other sites, you can find here 60-90 second ones. They are representing the content and the quality of the videos very well. MoneyTalks and all sites of the RealityKings network are optimized for smart devices, phones and tablets alike, and you can reach the sites and watch all scenes with ease, in the highest possible quality.

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Videos & Chicks

The chicks in the flicks are gorgeous horny women, who are not too happy about the things they asked to do at first, but as the amount of the offered cash rises, so decreases their resistance. The girls are amateurs, but they have active sex life, so no shy kissing and fooling around the cock can be seen, only real hard actions. The women appearing in the videos are real cutie with nice tits and asses, and they handle a dick like racers the wheel. They are originating from all around the world, mostly from the US and Europe. There are not only women, but there are many couples doing nasty things for the money. The videos are presenting all kinds of actions. The nearly 200 scenes of the site cover a wide range of porn niches: blowjobs, hand jobs, CFNM,

The videos are presenting all kinds of actions. The nearly 200 scenes of the site cover a wide range of porn niches: blowjobs, hand jobs, CFNM, vaginal and anal sex too. The makers of the videos are trying to sell them as real-life scene, and some of them may be that, but you can see on many of them, that they not random encounters. There are scenes made in cars, by hidden cameras as well as hand camera, handled by the guy, who is cruising around the city to find some chick to pick up. The videos are made in POV style, and there are also fixed cameras too. All scenes start innocently, with some foolish funny stuff (the guy or guys ask another dude to do something for money) and if there are girls around they are asked to show their tits or asses, and if they are willing, then they are going to talked into some more nastier thing either with their partner, or with the maker of the video.

Long Story Short

RealityKings has its focus on reality-like pornography, and most scenes are set-up as it was a real party or a real random fare from A to B. There is nothing wrong with the scripted porn videos, but if you want real amateur scenes, you should take a look at other RealityKing sites; you can find some real user-submitted scenes. Since your membership on MoneyTalks gives you access to over 38 sites, you won’t become bored when you manage to finish all 200 scenes on the site. MoneytTalks isn’t available anymore, but you can find all the videos in the Reality Kings network.

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