PerfectFuckinStrangers review


There are a few companies out there in the dense jungle of the porn industry, who want to make the dreams, fantasies of men to come true. NaughtyAmerica is one of the biggest of these companies, with 45 sites each concentrating on one main sexy fantasy. The PerfectFuckingStrangers is one of the 45 sites, and its focus is on casual sex with no strings attached, just as men like to imagine. If you ever dreamt of seducing that cutie for quickie behind the coffee bar, or have some public fun behind the bushes with that jogging chick you meet every day, than you can guess what kind of scenes are available on PerfrectFuckingStrangers.

The PerfectfuckingStrangers is a stand-alone site, albeit part of NaughtyAmerica. It doesn’t give you access to the whole network, you can only view the content of this site, but since all scenes are rather long, you won’t get to watch them all too early, and with the 1080p HD quality you can even think about watch a video or a part of it again. The membership area will contain only the most important things: the video list, the model index and some members’ special, but you won’t see any third-party advertisements. Since it’s a site of NaughtyAmerica, its ensured, that the quality will be excellent, you get a stable and fast connection, easy navigation and lots of porn stars performing in the scenes on PerfectFuckingStrangers. NaughtyAmerica provides exclusive content, and has many sites that are stand-alone sites. If you like to have access to a reasonable and manageable amount of videos, then you should check out the TonightsGirlFriend, which also features one night stands in various scenarios, like the rich dude hiring two whores to keep him busy in his hotel room. If you like MILFs, NaughtyAmerica has another stand-alone site, called MilfSugarbabes, you should check it out.

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Design & Features

The layout of the PerfectFuckingStrangers is different from the other NaughtyAmerica sites, maybe they show this way, that this site is not a part of a network, it stands out from the mass. There is a menu, where you can find a few working options, apart from the home and the login, all options are taking you to the subscription page. The first thing you see is a large thumbnail, and if you look closer you can see that the quality is excellent. Lower on the page, the videos of the site are listed, represented by thumbnails, and each piece is a link to the video or the joining page. On the bottom of the page, you can find mostly the same options as in the menu.

The membership area will give you a few more options, and naturally all buttons and options work. When you enter, you see the list of videos, and you can access the model index, where you can list the given girl’s all scenes. When you want to watch a video, you have one option: view it in your browsers embedded player. Don’t worry, the stream is very reliable and steady. When watching a scene, you usually have two or three options to set the quality to best fit your connection and computer capabilities. The videos are streamed in flash video format, and you can set to standard quality or if you have a good machine and internet connection, you may watch the scenes in 720p or 1080p HD quality. All scenes have an attached picture set that you can view online, and all sets are consisting of 70-80 photos.

The membership on PerfectFuckingStrangers will let you access the site and view all content on portable devices too, either from tablets or smart phones. The main niche of PerfectFuckingStrangers is reality porn, but it follows the main stream of NaughtyAmerica to make men’s dreams come true. Its reality porn in the way, that they tried to re-create real-life situations, but don’t expect to watch amateurs in random sex encounters, all who appear on screen are established porn stars.

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Girl & Videos

The videos all have a script written for them, the situation is always clarified before the action itself starts, and the scenes are featuring a story, or real-life situation that turns into sex. There is usually some chit-chat during the first few minutes of the scenes, to describe the story behind, but they get it on really fast. The girls are sucking those dicks hard and deep, and they let themselves get fucked hard by that stranger, who is happy to participate. There is fingering, licking and sucking, and they do it various positions and in various places.

One important thing to note: in their fantasies, men usually make the move, to seduce the girl and make her follow them and do whatever they like, but NaughtyAmerica makes twist, and in the scenes on PerfectFuckingStrangers the girls are the ones who are moving on the guys. There are two or three dozens of videos on the site, that you can access from your browser. The models appearing in the PerfectFuckingStrangers scenes are all porn stars. Horny and experienced chicks and dudes who know what they are doing. As most men don’t like those porn stars who act like they know how to play-act, the girls part in the videos is limited to a few sentences, and their main task is to look tempting and then do the things they do the best. You can find some famous porn stars in the videos on PerfectFuckingStrangers, like Jayden James or Kortney Kane.