Seemygf Review


The See My GF is all about girlfriends and ex-girlfriends having fun with their actual boyfriend, girlfriend or their ex-boyfriend’s best friend. All the girls found on the site are hot, and are available for some good fuck. The site provides only user submitted videos. On the site you can only find real amateur cuties banged by amateur guys, but they perform as real porn stars. Since the girls and dudes appearing in the videos are not professionals, all moves and moaning are real and honest, they’re not performing for the camera, just enjoying what they’re doing. And by becoming a member, you can enjoy it too. The See My GF has a huge photo gallery too. By becoming a member, you get access over 10,000 videos and quarter of a million pictures. The site assures that only amateur, user submitted content can be found in the member’s area. After registering you can download any video, since they provide unlimited downloads. There are also regular daily updates, so you can find something new every day. The membership don’t give you access to any sub-sites, but you will found any videos to watch on the See My GF alone.

Design & Features

At first look the site is very simple. In the member’s area you will find categories, tags and top lists, so you will always know what’s hot. The home page features some short videos, and pictures, but the real action begins when you register, and found yourself in front of a lot of juicy pictures and videos to watch. All videos can be downloaded in mp4 format, and since they are usually made by hand cameras or phones and tablets they are already compressed, so they won’t need too much space on your hard drive. You can also save the pictures. The site optimized for portable devices, the layout of the site is clear on simple on mobile browsers too. Some may find it even better than on desktop. Since the videos are mostly short and they’re not in high definition, they can be played easily even on the most basic smart phone.

Girls & Videos

Many couples, who are active in bed surely had a short talk about recording some of their action and upload it somewhere. In most of the times, these talks end with one of the couple saying no. But lucky for you, there are a lot of wild fresh chicks who can be easily seduced into doing some homemade porn. There are also a lot of girls who like to send naked, half-naked selfies to their boyfriend, or the desired guy to make him crave her. With the modern technology, the porn industry is capable of fulfilling any fantasies a man can have. Hot, professional porn stars, showing their body in 4K High-Definition sometimes isn’t enough. At a point you may need some honest action. That’s what See My GF can provide. If you are tired of fake boobies and big cocks, you need the See My GF. The girls on the pictures and in the videos are fresh, horny and they like sex. It’s not a job to them, but a passion, an urge that needs to be fulfilled. They are average girls and guys, you can meet them everywhere. You won’t find there fake orgasms and overplayed screams. Every orgasm is real, all moans and screams are coming from real feelings. The videos are not perfectly composed, nor the highest quality, but they don’t feel like plastic. The girls have their original bodies shown in the films; they are not silicone chicks with fake boobs, fake ass and fake lips. The guys also have normal size dicks, not pumped up monster-sized plastic joysticks. Although they are not professionals, the girls featured on the site are really hot. Some of them are looking better than a porn star: natural boobs, nice body, shaved and wet pussy and perfect ass to spank in action. The pictures and the movies are taken in random situations. Some of them were taken in a party or in a car after a date, but there are also some romantic action happening in bedrooms. You may find occasional couples having sex, or couples who are being together for a long time. A good fuck can happen anywhere at any time: these couples can have fun before the late-night movie, or wake up, and start the day with some banging. Some of the pictures are of high quality and some most of them are average, taken by phones or personal cameras. This is the magic of the See My GF, because it feels more natural, and that can make a man horny. The videos are usually short; however you can find some longer 30-45 minutes movies too. The quality is normal, usually better than expected. With the phones and tablets are getting supplied with more advanced cameras, the resolution and the overall quality of the videos is rising higher and higher. The starring girls are real rouges. They do everything they want or their boyfriend wants. Because of that the actions shown in the videos have a wide range: from some soft fucking on the bed to hardcore pounding on the kitchen counter. If you like to watch girls giving a blowjob and spread cum on their face, on See My GF you will have a lot to choose from. There are also threesomes, foursomes. You can watch girl on girl action, or just girls masturbating with their hands, or with a dildo.


Considering the access to some real action, it’s well worth becoming a member of See My GF. The videos maybe not in eye melting HD quality, but they are featuring beautiful real girls fucking with average guys like us. If that’s what make you horny, the site is a must have. Also if you have a girlfriend, you might want to record some of the things you do in your bedroom, or wherever you do it then this site can give some exciting ideas to make your sex life hot.


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