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In Few Words

I have always been an avid fan of porn videos and the likes. Years ago, back in my hometown, I usually sneaked out of my house and head to the local adult DVD shop in the wee hours of the morning just to rent or buy the perfect porno that will most probably give me a raging boner. Choosing was not easy, Iet me tell you, and I did not always have that much cash in my pocket before. So I had to make sure that I made the right decision when I purchased or rent something. Years ago, people lined up or browsed through shelves when they wished to watch porn. I miss that, to be honest. There are only a few shops left now and I would still go visit one when I come across it at some point. Before the internet managed to take over the world, people who delve into porn would frequent DVD porn shops like what I was telling you about. It was not something to be ashamed of and boys would flock there as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

Of course, with the internet growing at a fast pace, and with people opting for the more “convenient” way of watching and indulging in porn, it is no wonder that adult shops are closing and turning their businesses into online empires. A perfect example for this is SugarInstant. SugarInstant was once known as Sugar DVD and is like the biggest online adult DVD rental store. With the amount of DVD’s they offer customers, it is no wonder that this one right here is a huge winner. SugarInstant has been around since early 2001 and has rocked a lot of people’s worlds with their amazing site content, freebies, and so much more. Sure enough, it would feel like you actually got instant sugar when you browse through the many sweet DVD’s they have in store for everyone. 

Site Design

Even a couple of months will not guarantee you major completion if you want to get through all the available DVD’s they have – it will most probably be years. SugarInstant has plenty of features and options that you will not be able to find in most “normal” and cliched porn sites. Sure, there are links, and you will have to navigate your way towards every single thing, but they have a unique features that will absolutely make them stand out – in a good way, of course. Speaking of which, the navigation is very simple here and just really is not difficult. The site layout and arrangement is wonderfully done and you do not need to dig in deep to get to where you want to inside the site. Overall, the user interface is user-friendly and modest.

The thing with SugarInstant is that it is way beyond any other usual porn site. It actually doubles a DVD rental shop, an online version of course, where you can rent tons of videos or buy them for yourself to own. Unlike other porn sites too, SugarInstant gives you a free 10-day trial that rebills itself, if not prompted otherwise, for a few bucks. I say that is good enough for an offer, considering that this porn site is huge in comparison to those other porn sites.

SugarInstant has a very minimalistic site design and because of this, it is rather easy to find what you are looking for. The site also has advanced browsing tools to help you find your preferred videos, as well as filter them using tags and content title. The links are located on top of the site and they usually are the only ones you will be needing to make your life easier around here. You have links to the home page, links to the live cam shows, the VR’s, the DVD rentals, the pay per view kind of videos, the new DVD’s, a link to your account, and a link to their shop. When you click the shopping cart icon, you will be prompted to a page where you can put the DVD’s you want to buy. The site essentially works like the actual thing, only that it is online. Think of it as an online shop, only for porn. You can also rent the movies using your membership here, but if you want to purchase them for your own, you will have to pay for an extra cheap price. The option of having pay per view is also available. The site also has scheduled live cam shows. There are no bonus sites here and no photo sets but who needs those when you have a site big on videos.

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Videos & Chicks

SugarInstant has over 4500 porn movie collection from different well-known studios. These are all exclusive and you will only be able to find this here, in SugarInstant. With over 4500 movies that last for 120 minutes each, it is only understandable that the amount of females here is staggering. There are those who are really well known and some who just started their porn thing. Either way, the vast collection is mind-blowing and simply marvelous. You can watch the videos via streaming in your browser using your account. Full-length playbacks are also available. The resolution available for streaming is set at 1920 x 1080. You can also download the movies or opt for the pay per view one. Majority of the scenes here are in high definition. The older ones may fall a little lower but still decent.

The ladies here are delicious and they engage in real hardcore sex most of the time. There is no download limit here or any limit to watch, so have fun and enjoy.

Long Story Short

For a unique and unforgettable experience, I am totally recommending SugarInstant to those of you who miss the excitement of renting your porn DVD. Not only do you get 120 minutes or more of great, unadulterated and hardcore fun, you also get to reminisce the past and feel that joy you felt when you owned or rented that first adult DVD of yours.



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