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Lesbian porn is one of the most searched categories in adult entertainment sites and it is one of the most watched videos, it is fantasized by adult entertainment video enthusiasts and it definitely turns them on instantly more than any other niche.

SapphicLovers is an adult entertainment site that features lesbian porn and their videos are like no other, it will show you the reason why most, if not all, viewers search for it and prefer it than other niches, it appeals to the needs of women viewers and it turns the male viewers on.

Site Design

For 11 years SapphicLovers has been uploading the best and the hottest lesbian videos, as of this year they have thousands of high definition videos on the site and all of them can be downloaded and converted into different formats such as WMV, AVI, MP4, MPEG and more and can be transferred into different devices such as Android phones, Ipads, Ipods, Iphones and tablets. Their videos can be streamed online and you can even use their easy to navigate mobile version of the site on your phone. They have thousands of high-resolution pictures that you can download and transfer as well and all of their contents are updated regularly. Once you open the site you will be greeted with their high-resolution pictures that are arranged neatly in a slideshow, it showed beautiful and sexy women on top of each other, eating each other out and rubbing each other’s clit. At the upper right site you will see seven tabs, they have the home tab, they have the “Our Network” tab wherein you can read about the history and background of their network, they have the movies tab wherein you can watch the videos that are arranged by date and

At the upper right site you will see seven tabs, they have the home tab, they have the “Our Network” tab wherein you can read about the history and background of their network, they have the movies tab wherein you can watch the videos that are arranged by date and are placed in pages, they have the bonus tab wherein you can see the bonus sites that comes with the subscription, they have the models tab wherein you can view the pictures and the profiles of the models, they have the “join now” tab that gives you the instructions on how to become a member and lastly they have the log in tab that will automatically direct you to the username and password page so that you can access the site fully.

As a member you can avail their free webcam chat wherein you can talk to their models on the site, you can also watch them as you chat each other up, not only that you will also have access to 80 hardcore sites that features different niches like WildGroupSex, which features the best orgies; AnalFrench, which features anal sex; LatinLesbea, which features Latin lesbian sex; NaughtyBi, which features bisexuals and many more. The site also comes with a customer support hotline that is available 24/7 and they can help you with anything, they also have a newsletter that you can subscribe to so that you will be updated immediately regarding the contents and events of the site.

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Videos & Chicks

One video showed a black haired woman and a blonde woman kissing while they were sitting on a bed, they were wrapped in a tight embrace, the black haired woman then lifted the shirt of the blonde woman and squeezed her breasts and began sucking her hard nipples. She played with her breasts as her other hand reached down to rub her pussy over her jeans, they then both kneeled on the bed as the black haired woman continued kissing and sucking the breasts of the blonde woman, she then unzipped her jeans and pulled it down leaving her grey underwear on, they continued kissing as the black haired woman touched her pussy over her underwear. She then pushed the underwear to the side as she began fingering her; she rubbed her shaved pussy and used her two fingers to stretch it and to insert them into her hole, she was knuckle deep when she moved her fingers around the hole of the blonde woman making her moan and grip the hair of the black haired woman.

The blonde woman then removed the clothes of the black haired woman and she did her turn as she sucked on her tits and rubbed her pussy as well, she also used two of her fingers to fill the hole of the black haired woman, they then laied on the bed and the black haired woman began eating her out, she spread the legs of the blonde woman wide open and used her tongue to please her, the blonde woman then made the black haired woman lay on the bed as she ate her out too, kissing her legs before licking her pussy and sucking her clit.

After a few minutes of foreplay the black haired woman grabbed a long, black dildo and teased the pussy of the blonde woman, she then slowly inserted the massive black sex toy into the hole of the blonde woman making her grip the bed sheets; she then inserted almost half of the fake cock before pulling it out and ramming it back in making the woman moan in pleasure, she continued pumping her pussy and the two changed positions as the black haired woman got her hole filled by the fake cock as well. The video ended with both of them cumming on the sex toy and sucking it afterwards, getting a taste of their juices together.

Long Story Short

SapphicLovers is not just your typical lesbian adult entertainment site; it will show you the hotness, the boldness and the reason why most people are into this niche. They have fingering, foreplay, penetration, sex toys, threesomes, group sex, interracial sex and many more, they have a very diverse group of models that you can choose from and their site is easy to navigate so it will be very easy to go through the contents.



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