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In Few Words

How far do you want to take your love for cute scally lads? As far as you can, I guess. Well, I cannot blame you because they are simply the sexiest kind of guys. Even if you do not know what a scally is, I guarantee that you will be able to fall in love with them in no time. For those who do not know it, scallies are the kind of British guys who love wearing sport gears, have fresh faces, have very working class jobs and, most of all, love rocking a shaved head or a crow-cut. In the adult would, this is truly a first as scally porn sites do not saturate the internet. Do not think that scally lads are outgoing and talk too much. In fact, they are not into many things. They can be classified as introverts but when it comes to bedroom matters, they do not shy away. As you are into flicking your bean or giving yourself a handjob, so are they! They love swallowing cum, getting facials, using sex toys and licking butts. They are proud of their gay nature and on UKScallyLads, they let you know about it.

UKScallyLads is an adult site that is one of a kind. It was launched in 2008 and introduced the world to the best kind of hardcore sex. You will not be disappointed by what you see because their combination of manly attitudes and hard cocks will have you at the edge of your seat simply begging for more. The fresh faces have a lot in store for you. Once they get started, you will never want them to stop. There is no doubt that you will be spoilt for choice as soon as you log onto this portal of pleasure. Most of these guys do not like shaving their privates and so, if natural looks give you the erection that you need, you will find fulfillment on this platform. The content on UKScallyLads is exclusive and you will not get to see these flicks on any other gay platforms. The fact that the site offers real British scallies who do not put up a fake act for you only goes to show that you will thoroughly enjoy your time here.

UKScallyLads has successfully managed to create a whole new realm of entertainment. The scallies take you into the kind of erotic world that you have always wanted to visit. Do I need to say more? The site stays true to all of its promises of enjoyment that it makes to you when you initially sign up to the platform. You better clear your schedule because this is an adult site that deserves your undivided attention.

Site Design

There is nothing better than a straight forward site and UKScallyLads knows this all too well. Although the tour does not mirror what you find in the members’ area, it offers a crystal clear idea of what you will get to enjoy as a member. The eight-page tour is filled with tempting scenes, handsome models and video previews that will have you begging to sign up. You will be overly excited to see what this adult portal has in store for you. Navigation has no frills and as such, you will find it quite easy to get from place to place.

The site has great categorization and good organization and as such, you will not have any problems when it comes to the tour. The videos are also great, boasting of good technical quality and top notch quality downloads. The flicks capture all of the moments of pleasure in a great way and you will not want for more. When it comes to the pictures in the gallery, they are crystal clear and will always ensure that you are enjoying the best at all times.

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Videos & Guys

The scallies on UKScallyLads are quite rough around the edges but even so, they have that sexiness that you will not see on many gay guys, not even Twinks. All of them hail from the roughest part of Britain and as such, you will enjoy the kind of sexy devotion that is included in every scene. Just like you, the scallies are truly horny and they go out of their way to ensure that they have gotten the pleasure that they hope for. To them, every moment of cum counts. The models are not the kind of jocks that you may be used to. They are not muscular or big bodied; these cuties are nothing like jocks. Their bodies are on the softer, almost on the feminine side.

When it comes to presentations, some of them are fully clothed, others are semi-nude and the majority are 100% nude. You will be spending time with the likes of Jacob, Wade, Darren, Tyler, Jake and many more. If you give them a chance, they will bring that sexy spice that you have been missing from your life. The models on UKScallyLads are presented in either solo sexual encounters or couple affairs. You will see them get sucked, finger themselves, indulge in deep kissing and lots of ass play. Do not judge them at first sight, because the first impression that they give may be clouded by shyness, however as they spend more and more time in front of the camera, they learn to let loose. Some of the guys look like they need a tan and others are well-tanned. All in all, they have better smooth skins that will tempt you to cover them with kisses from head to toe. You do not have to be gay to enjoy what the scallies have in store for you. If you are open-minded enough, you will surely enjoy yourself.

Long Story Short

UKScallyLads is all about top-notch delivery. You will truly enjoy all of the moments of entertainment that is in store for you. You no longer have to settle for less because you can enjoy the flicks on your mobile phone as well as your computer. The kind of action that you will see here is truly limitless and knowing this, you probably will be spending all of your time on this very platform.

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