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In the scientific and also in the everyday language, curve means a line that deviates from being straight for a part or the whole of its length. The curve has a plural form: curves, which refers to more than one not-straight line. Now, in the porn industry, the word curves stands for the shape of the models ass, curves itself is a niche in the porn industry. It has many forms, nice, large and monster or extra curves. Almost all large porn studio has at least one series that focuses on curves. Having a large ass and awesome curves doesn’t necessarily mean that the girl has some fat on her, some women, like the Latinas and Blacks are born with nice large curved ass and most of the Caucasians have nice bodies, and beautifully sculpted bottoms. TeenCurves has two things to offer: fresh and cute girls and perfect asses, all accessible via a membership area without any annoying advertisement. The videos are all in HD and the picture galleries are also shot in high resolution. The site is a part of the TeamSkeet, which is an emerging porn studio that works with only fresh porn starlets who are gorgeous and horny. If you buy a pass on TeenCurves you won’t only become eligible to access the scenes on this site, but also the whole TeamSkeet network, and that means that you get to browse over 1800 HD scenes and picture galleries of the cutest American and European girls. TeamSkeet will bust your nuts when you start to watch the scenes of the studio. They’re not just sharp and clear but the girls and sex they do is awesome too. The company has two main things to offer you: lots of first timer cuties and hardcore porn. There are also some chicks who have more than one video made, but they are still pretty and they don’t need to overplay like the great porn stars.

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Design & Features

The design elements on TeenCurves are following the main scheme of the TeamSkeet page. There is a blue frame and in a central area with white background, you can see some hot thumbnails and gifs. The home page of TeenCurves is the only thing that you can reach (apart from the joining page) if you are not yet a member of the TeamSkeet network. All links, including the menus and the thumbnails will take you to the registration form, and only after becoming a member will you be able to use the site fully. In fact, if you register, you land in the main hub, the membership area of TeamSkeet, where you can select the desired site from a dropdown menu. However if you are on TeenCurves but you want to gather some insight on the videos, here is a hint: visit the TeamSkeet’s main site, and under the scenes options, you can select TeenCurves, and you can watch some hot trailers that are usually 50-55 seconds long. They should prove that there are really hot girls and scenes on TeenCurves. When it comes to the videos, there are two options to choose from: watch or save. If you choose to watch the scenes online, you will experience that the stream is strong and fast. The downloads are unlimited, and thus you can save as many videos as you want, this way you can have your own library of HD scenes featuring hot girls with nice curves. As you would expect, there is a gallery where you find some hot posing photos, just as lots of screen captions. The pictures are shot in high resolution, and you can view them in the browser window or save in a handy zipped file. TeamSkeet keeps up with the trends, so all sites in the network and all content of the studio is reachable from the browser of a smart phone and tablet, even with the most basic devices. The niche large asses of beautiful girls is quite popular in the online porn industry, but in difference with the other companies, there are mostly natural and fresh cuties with perfectly sculpted buttocks, appearing in HD hardcore scenes.

Girls & Videos

The video collection of TeenCurves consists of 40 videos that you can watch or save for viewing later. The number might not seem too much for you, but the scenes are quite long, they are last of usually somewhere between 20-40 minutes. With the gorgeous girls and the excellent quality, these 40 videos will keep you busy until the next update, but even if you are watching porn 8 hours a day, you won’t be bored, since you get access to the whole collection of TeamSkeet. The sex happening on screen is quite diversified. You can find mostly straight sex, but a few lesbian scenes of nice curved girls are to be found. Since the site is all about asses, each position is filmed in a way that the focus stays on the buttocks during the action. There are also blowjobs, licking and moneyshots, so you can find every element of a good hardcore porn movie. The girls are all beautiful models, some are professionals, and there are always new chicks who are just shooting their first movies. On TeenCurves you can find Caucasians and Latinas, all are busty and horny with excellent bodies and a great enthusiasm for sex. Since they are not that experienced, you can find them a bit shy, but when they get it on, they become sexy sluts, who are hopping on that cock like they are professionals.


TeenCurves may not have a large collection, but it’s part of a growing network that has great potential in it. With the cute chicks and the excellent video quality the TeenCurves and the whole TeamSkeet network should prove a suitable choice for those who like fresh girls. All videos are on the site are in HD, so the quality will satisfy even those who are always looking for high resolution hardcore porn movies, and since the guy behind TeenCurves are professional you will find that not just the girls and cameras are professional, but the whole setup, the environment of the scenes is made near perfection.


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